2019 FF Original discussion thread


Ah ■■■■. Sorry for the stuff up. I thought I checked them all :frowning:

@fogdog Do I forfeit just this pick, or my 2nd and 3rd picks?

In: Darcy Lang
Out: Sam Sturt

Wezza (Messed this one up)
In: Dylan Clarke
Out: Ian Hill

In: Bailey Dale
Out: Mason Cox

Original FA reqs.
Sam Sturt
Ian Hill
Mason Cox

Darcy Lang
Griffin Logue
Darcy Fort
Mitch Hinge
Dylan Clarke
Kyron Hayden
Bailey Dale
Ryley Stoddart
Tim Smith
Billy Frampton
Sam Switkowski
Oscar Baker


I think I read somewhere in the league Rules of Engagement that you now have to trade Touk Miller , Trent Dumont and your first round pick for Dylan Clarke in the midseason trade period. I think. It’s there somewhere.


Sorry mate, you forfeit that pick for this week.


I wasn’t sure if I had to forfeit my 2nd and 3rd picks, or just my 2nd pick.

Sorry for screwing things up.


I know I can’t talk because I still do this, but where possible don’t search for new players on your phone.
The smaller screen doesn’t show if they’re already on another club’s list.


I blame getting up at 4am wednesday, so probably just too tired to review it that night before sending :frowning:


Done. Btw, extremely well done on your hard-fought victory last round.

@wezza - Have returned Mason Cox to your squad - Ian Hill was your 2nd in line to be delisted at FAs so as you forfeited a pick, you keep Cox and Hill becomes the delistee for Bailey Dale.

@saladin - LOL. Sorry sal, blame Lewis’s concussion and forgetting about Bailey Dale.


While setting my team I was thinking about Dow’s 2nd year and his progression (56 avg to 62 avg)
Made me think about the rest of the first round. I really had a difficult time with the #1 pick as in my eyes, there wasn’t a Walsh type standout.

Looking at the current year averages, it really shows how even the talent was that year (except foggy who nailed it)


Pick 1. wezza - Paddy Dow (Carlton) 61.8 avg
Pick 2. Neela - Cam Rayner (Brisbane) 42.7
Pick 3. Stoops - Nick Coffield (St Kilda) 0 games
Pick 4. Allblack – Luke Davies-Uniacke (North Melbourne) 61
Pick 5. topdon - Andrew Brayshaw (Fremantle) 61.6
Pick 6. Dunlop - Adam Cerra (Fremantle) 61.4
Pick 7. Jefferson - Jaidyn Stephenson (Collingwood) 79.7
Pick 8. topdon - Aaron Naughton (Western Bulldogs) 63.6
Pick 9. Alber_Goodthur - Hunter Clark (St Kilda) 50.3
Pick 10. fogdog – Tim Kelly (Geelong) 100
Pick 11. topdon - Charlie Constable (Geelong) 83.4
Pick 12. Smoten - Ed Richards (Western Bulldogs) 49.2
Pick 13. Alber_Goodthur - Darcy Fogarty (Adelaide) 0 games
Pick 14. Dunlop - Jack Higgins (Richmond) 72.1
Pick 15. Jefferson - Zac Bailey (Brisbane) 41
Pick 16. Fudge - Lachlan Fogarty (Geelong) 0 games
Pick 17. Blummers - Sam Murray (Collingwood) 0 games
Pick 18. Windy Dill - Bernie Vince (Melbourne) 0 games


The most surprising thing about that 1st round is that Wob didn’t have a selection. Stunned.


Topdon with Constable won’t regret that selection.

A couple of others should progress to the very very good level.


Got nothing on today and kid is at grandparents for the weekend, so looking forward to watching some of my prospects play NEAFL. Suns/Swans (Ling,McInerney) Giants/Lions (Caldwell/Wooller)
Sucks that both games are on at once though.


When you’re decimated by injuries / unavailabilities the last thing you need is Sam Reid scoring 125 against you, plus a 12 disposal last term from Lloyd. Will need my mids to go nuts to be any chance this week I think.


Give 25 from Reid to Phillips and 25 to Franklin and it’s about right.
Fair to middlin’. Looking at 1400-1450.
I would prefer your mids did not go nuts, thank you.

I know it’s passe to whinge about injuries, but I’d really rather Ebert was not smacked in the head and that May didn’t decide to have a quarter-life crisis.
I’ve got Astbury as a starting back. I must be mad.
He scored a ton last week, but lightning will very likely not strike twice.
And what’s happened to Brown?

Such a woulda, coulda, shoulda team I’ve got this year, and yet finals seem to beckon.

Edit: Nah, screw it. I’m gonna have a full on whinge.
Taylor, Sicily, Lloyd, Ellis, Doedee, May.
That was supposed to be my back six.
With Mirra getting a friggin’ game with his 75 average, and pushing Taylor into the forward-line if necessary.
Just wanted one decent year from Franklin, he averaged 91 with eight friggin’ tons last year and now he shouldn’t be best 18.
Brown’s broken 70 three times from nine games. That’s garbage.
Draper should be pulling in big numbers in the seniors by now, but noooooooo.
Jenkins can’t get a game.

I should be looking for just one decent mid at the trade table, but as it is I have holes every friggin’ where.


Not complaining about Constable :grinning:


I feel like we’ve had a similar year, been plugging holes each week and have guys like Cutler who average 80 and are out of favour, Steven has his battles which means I have to play Edwards in the mids and therefore Betts each week (similar to your Franklin) and then offseason recruits in Birchall and Hannebery haven’t even looked like getting on the park just yet.

Hoping to cling on to a close to 50/50 record for as long as I can in this front half before hopefully getting McVeigh, Birchall, Steven, Hannebery, Lever and Cutler back in the second half of the year to mount a challenge from the bottom half of the 8.

If only Macrae and Cripps could kick instead of handball too, that would be great!


@Dunlop with Higgins was a great pickup.


Think I traded my 1st round pick, number 5?, to tops on for Francis. Which in hindsight isn’t to bad as that 1st round doesn’t look that great. Yet.

Tim Kelly is the steal of that draft. What were you guys thinking?!?!


Cutler is very frustrating.
And Lever should be a big help.


No doubt.

I’m sure most of the coaches are happy with their selections, but imho it’s a real even draft group so far (minus the mature aged kelly)


I haven’t seen Caldwell out there for a long time. Low stats too. Looks like might be injured :frowning: