2019 FF Original discussion thread


Bugger. That’s been his junior story too.

How’s Shipley looking, out of interest?


There’s no commentary for the game, so keeps it hard to follow. But from what i’ve seen he’s been solid.

Hately looks a class above and Bonar (i think you have him in #2 ) looks good too.


any sign of o’hallaran? even in a tracksuit on the bench? boardshorts at the bar?


I’ve turned it off now, but he was in the centre bounce rotations with Hately/Shipley/Bonar. Had a good piece of play where I had to look up who #33 was.


cheers. wish it wasn’t so hard to get proper NEAFL stats


Get onto the Footy Live app. Brilliant for stats across all leagues.


thanks. will do


Luke Mcdonald. 2 years ago looked like an absolute gun half back, avg high 70s low 80s. Last year moved into the midfield and has an absolute mare, moved back again and still can’t score to save himself.

Can’t remember who offered me a 1st rounder for him last year, but I would bite their hand off to take it now


Risk angering the footy gods here, but I’m calling it.
Look like averaging mid 90s after ten and Brown has chipped in with 74 from the bench even if Smack doesn’t play.

Stoops was probably eyeing me optimistically after I scored 1315 last week, but Goldstein and Reid weren’t in his plans.
Five tons and counting.


I can’t recall if it was last year, but I think I did the year before that.
Not sure if I’d gamble on him though. He looks flaky.


Hooooooly crap, @Crazy_Bomber, Henderson!
lol. Not to mention SPP.

Can we call it even now?

Edit: And Libba a ton on the bench!

That’s awesome. Well done.


Maybe it was the year before. his proven potential (if that makes sense) makes him to good to delist, but his scores are just horrible and worthy of being delisted


Gotta laugh.
Apart from CB, couldn’t give Henderson away.


Trust me I’m loving that you delisted Hendesron and now he’s a bonafide star, to think I drafted him with a pick in the late 30’s.

The other trade was effectively Berry and Sicily for Liberatore so you utterly bent me over in that trade, even with Libba showing form two years later.

Happier with our last trade as SPP is looking good, although Brodie must have pictures of Dew eating cupcakes in bed to not be getting regular games. In fairness for you Franklin has gone downhill with Sydney is it makes up for the Libba trade a little.


So I didn’t even get anything for Henderson.
Not even Franklin.
Oh, that’s gold.

I think you’ve done really well.
At some point you have to pull the trigger and stop ignoring the 28+s.
I thought I was going to build a team of young ones and wait, but it just doesn’t work out like that.

Edit: And Brodie…sometimes clubs just destroy players. What GC did to Matera is friggin’ criminal.


993 from ten.
I’ll take that.


I’d take that from a full team.


Suddenly, a wild Atkins appears.


Watching Houli score 80 in a half is great for my team but murder for my mental well being.


It’s a disgrace.
And embarrassing.