2019 FF Original discussion thread


On track for a monster score, too good unfortunately. I just can’t get a heap of players to hit triple figures anymore, Macrae killing me after his 120 average last year


Christian Salem replaced in selected side by Charlie Spargo

Awesome. :man_facepalming:


Still require position polls from: @wimmera1, @Awesome_Scotty @Alber_Goodthur + @Allblack


Will try and get done tonight. Completely forgot about them


I think Wezza has scored the lowest score in FF history playing 7 short?


It’s a ring-a-ding-ding battle between The Temple and the Crunchas.


Bennell with 30 touches and 2 goals!! Mmmmmm


geez AB. that is some team you have put together


Despite his history only three coaches bid on him!

You and I plus one other coach. Great depth/risky pickup imo.


My oh my what is going on with the Tigers, @wimmera1 ? 1670 is an insane score. Would have had to have been a record winning margin had you played Trust the Process this week.


He is bound to come good some time surely. A real high risk high reward prospect. Due some good luck.


Bad luck, Stoops.
Looks like you’d have beaten 12 other teams this week.

Franklin over Brown cost me a magical 1700, but obviously I’m very, very pleased.


What a disaster season. It’s just embarrassing.

FWIW, i’ll be going to the FA well again this week with 3 players hoping to get something, anything.

Mason Cox

Darcy Moore, Christian Salem, Nakia Cockatoo, Touk Miller, Dylan Roberton, Scott Lycett, Tom Langdon

Non selected
Aaron Hall (3rd emergency), Bailey Scott (1st emergency), Jordan Ridley, Paul Ahern, Jye Caldwell (injured), Jack Graham (1st game back from injury), Garner, Lang, Cox, McInerney (4th emergency), Brandon White (4th emergency)



The good…

  • Third highest score of the round and my best score this season.
  • Looking forward to the eight point game against @Vandrs next week.

The bad…

  • Some tough calls at FA this week. Daniel Lloyd, Ryan Abbott and Harry Jones are in the gun.
  • I’m still two games and percentage away from a finals spot.

The ugly…

  • Bewley had a poor debut.
  • I need to find a defender at FA. Hughes should be a bench player at best.


The Bad …

  • I was one short

The Good…

  • Wez was seven short.



  • Another 1400+ score
  • Houli Douli! What a gun for me and punished his old team. Guthrie not far behind!
  • Henderson I could kiss you. All-Australian form.
  • Brad Hill was on.
  • SPP, Lobb, Dunstan and Robinson continue their good score.
  • Libba tons up, Battle developing nicely and Membrey consistent


  • Tough next few weeks with games against Windy and Stoops, need to win at least one
  • Need to find a back replacement for Menadue
  • Forwardline was average and backline had a few holes


That’s my score dude! Haha


Congrats on the win @Dunlop


Still need position polls from; @Awesome_Scotty & @Allblack


Do I start lobbying for a priority pick now or after the season?