2019 FF Original discussion thread


I’d start now, but I don’t think you’ll be seven short in round 23.


How are we doing the Mid-season draft players?

Normal FA? Will they be restricted FA?


Not quite the goldmine I was expecting


Normal FA for the new draftees.


I hope I don’t get in the ■■■■ for taking a mini draft player first over a main listed player


Given you’ve been multiple players short for three weeks running, I’d be very surprised if your selections aren’t heavily scrutinised.
You’re just in a ■■■■■ situation where your players are getting named as emergencies and your short term injuries are getting out of hand.

Puopolo, Jeff Garlett, Lester, Switkowski and Pearce have played every game the last month and are 95% chances to play this coming week. They should be on a list somewhere.
I’m not happy having to carry Daniel Lloyd and Ethan Hughes, but without them I’m short and have no hope of winning or challenging.

Last year I had to drop Daniel Rioli, Mason Cox and Rowan Marshall for scrubs like Tom Clurey, Andrew Phillips and Jed Lamb just to field 18 on particular weeks. Luckily I got Marshall back eventually, but the other two would have been very handy once they got back on the field.

It is a ■■■■■ balancing act between injuries, developing players and getting 18 scorers, but sometimes you’ve just got to take that sure playing scorer and live with it.


Ok I guess people would be sour if I picked up Deluca, so I wont. There’s another player who played on the weekend that is on the fringe of staying in the team, who I hope I can get.

I’ve already nominated that i’m doing another 3 FA requests this week bringing up my total FA selections to 15 on the year.

Definitely not trying to not field a full team.

Sometimes it’s just a bit hard to guess what the teams will be, random injuries and will multiple picks you’re really scaping the barrel. Getting 2nd and 14th pick, cant really be nailing the 2nd/3rd round of FA.


I don’t think anyone is trying not field a team or tank. That’s what I like about this competition.

I agree on the tough to judge what happens once Thursday comes around. That’s another thing I like about this comp. For memory the other comp gave you an ‘out’ by being able to pick up players before the game started to help field 18. There is no leeway in this comp.

I certainly get the using your UF changes issue. I was the same last year. I used up all my changes by the end of the season and I didn’t even make finals. It got very tough around the trade deadline when I was a chance to get good trade value for Goldstein without a playing backup ruck and no rucks in the FA pool. There was a lot of luck involved, but it worked out in the end.

Best of luck buddy. You’ll learn from this (stern Worsfold look) and adjust next year.


Thanks Smoten. Good to eek out a win for the first time in 6 weeks. Thought you were a bit unlucky though as I largely thought I was done Saturday night.


The positions for the shiny new toy edition of Foggy FAs.

Ex-AFL guys return with their old positions.

Josh Deluca - FC
Mitch Riordan - C
Kyle Dunkley - FC
Michael Knoll - R
Lachlan Hosie - F
Ryan Gardner - FB
Will Snelling - C
Jack Mayo - F
Cam Sutcliffe - CB
Dillon O’Reilly - F
Marlion Pickett - C
John Noble - C
Cody Hirst - FC


Crozier out for 3 now. lol.


Anyone bagging wezza is a bum.
You make some concessions to injury. You try to field a team, but you absolutely do not trash your list to do so.
A few players, yes.
Half a side, no.


No one is having a crack, it’s just me being self-conscious about how terrible my team is going. I’m embarrassed about it.


No need to be.




Mid season trading should start up soon?


Injuries have struck again. Now Skrimshaw is out for 6 weeks.

And what the hell happened to Taylor Adams? There was talk last week he may play against the swan and then I see a report he out till after the bye?? FMD!!

I know I’ve missed doing the Good and Bad reviews the last few weeks but it’s all be bad!!


Position Poll Results

Winning positions bolded…

Sydney Stack
CB: 12
C: 5
B :1

Aaron Naughton
FB :14
F: 2
B: 1
Don’t Know: 1

Josh Battle
FB: 12
B: 3
Don’t Know: 3

Sam Powell-Pepper
C: 12
FC: 4
Not sure: 2

Zak Butters
FC: 9
C: 7
Not sure: 2

Lincoln McCarthy
F: 11
FC: 5
Don’t Know: 2

Tom Liberatore
C: 13
FC: 3
Not sure: 2

Matt De Boer
FC: 11
F: 3
Not sure: 3
C: 1

Bailey Smith
C: 9
FC: 6
Not sure: 2
F: 1

Adam Cerra
FB: 9
Not sure: 5
FC: 3
B :1

Jay Lockhart
FC : 10
C : 4
Not sure : 4

Stephen Coniglio
C: 13
FC : 4
Don’t Know : 1

Gary Ablett
FC : 13
F : 3
C : 2

Jack Billings
C : 7 (result tied, therefore original position stands)
FC : 7
Not sure : 4

Travis Boak
FC : 14
F : 2
C : 2

Brad Ebert
FC : 10
C : 7
Don’t Know : 1

Tom Atkins
FC : 9
C : 6
F : 2
Don’t Know : 1

David Myers
C : 15
FC : 2
VFL : 1


:rofl: :rofl:


I’d take his VFL scores