2019 FF Original discussion thread


Dumbasses the lot of ya!!


Shattered to miss out on baker. As expected every one snaffled up the next wanted players before my 2nd and 3rd picks. Sigh.
Got my 2nd, 9th and 10th picks. :frowning_face:


I’m content with Marley Williams. Once Bonner gets back into my 18, then I can turf one of Hughes or Williams. If Scharenberg comes back then that’s a bonus.

I didn’t find the new guys of much interest. I could only see one of them playing this week and even that would be unlikely.

Good to hear Darcy is likely to play WAFL this weekend after being listed as 5 to 6 weeks last week. Pity Wallis is out injured though.

Must win game against @Vandrs this weekend.


I don’t think selection will be kind to me tonight so you should get an easy win this week.

I’m expecting to loose Ladhams and Scrimshaw. Thurlow and Clarke may also be on the outer.

If I loos Ladhams then hopefully one of Chol or Day can fill in the ruck spot.


Think i read Scrimshaw out for 4-6, so you can definitely count him out.


Looks like I’m a chance to debut Dclarke, that’ll be nice. Not sure if Goodwin will give Lewis a run.

Took a punt on Shoenfeld in FA, had stacks of the footy but probably won’t get a game. I was also eyeing Brand but Wim got in first.

Every week is a struggle. Cannot believe Cotchin has now missed 8 weeks with a hammy, lol


He got suspended in the VFL. 1 week.


Mirra should be in ahead of both of them.
But he won’t.
Hence Brand.

Edit: lol. I read Shoenfeld as the Hawthorn bloke who may or may not still be on their list.



Trade Period starts Friday 31 May 7.50 PM to Sunday 16 June 7 PM.

I’ll open another thread.

Here: 2019 FF Originial Trade Bait Thread


@Dunlop Have you read anything about Ling’s injury? I can’t seem to find any reference to it.

In: 48. M Knoll 6. J Thurlow 60. S Gaden 54. L Swaney 49. C Hirst
Out: 19. M Ling (injured) 2. D Menzel (AFL) 56. M Sheather (Academy) 55. H Maguire (Academy) 54. N Casalini (Academy)


Shoenfeld FA paid off!
Cotchin named!
Clarke on extended bench!

But whatever. Who cares!? MOZZIE MIGHT GET A GAME!!!


I actually don’t think he will. But it’s exciting nonetheless for my list.


Have all of the new positions come into effect?

I’d like to send Butters forward this week if possible.


Sorry mate, only one I missed updating. Can be named as a forward now.

@wezza - Can’t help you - given the injury thread for this season at least is obsolete, I’m not listening to all the club injury reports or holding a sieve against BigFooty and hoping some usable bits of injury information can be gleaned amongst the sludge. What I do know though is he has largely been on managed minutes this season, so that may or may not have anything to do with it.


Thanks mate


Thanks mate. Hoping they release what it might be. If it’s the toe, then I think I gotta say goodbye.


A reminder that the bye rounds start next week, so this week you want your Essendon, Fremantle, Hawthorn, Port Adelaide, St Kilda and Western Bulldogs players to firstly play, but also avoid injury.

Excluding late lacerations/blood rules players from these teams who are incapable of playing out the game will be ineligible for selection next week.


Good of Acres to withdraw with sniffles this week…


I’ll be taking some time off Blitz for roughly half a week to spend time with extended family. I hope to have the bye averages up on Tuesday, but if they’re not I hope everyone can remain patient. There won’t be any replies to LTI requests until at least Tuesday as well.

Rockliff’s trade is out of the way, so I doubt I’ll hold up any trade discussions in that period.


Hope all is well