2019 FF Original discussion thread


Not easy kicking 3 goals when you don’t spend much time forward! Nuffies!!

Coniglios score is very handy considering we are 1 short with no ruck. Pretty much balances it out.


lol at Hawkins and Sicily not wanting to play the Crunchas next week.


Unlucky @Windy_Dill, we were neck and neck but Sloane injured might be the difference.


Second place is cursed, I tell ya!


Nah, you’re going big and I’m going small. Don’t think Sloane’s injury would matter.


Hannebery up to 16 touches halfway into second term of his return to VFL, will fit in well with 3 kicks 13 handballs.

Need to start getting some players back to push into the 8!


It matters not, but Marsh late withdrawal leaves me one short yet again.

Clarke has started well.


If ever there’s a day to have 3 Carlton players in your 18 it’s when we they play Carlton.


The Good…

  • A win. I’ll take it.
  • Should get close to 1400.

The Bad…

  • Have @Windy_Dill and @Stoops in the next fortnight. It’ll make or break my season.
  • Have some lowish bye averages next week. Will need to delve into FA.

The Ugly…

  • Terrible scores filtered in there. Nine players score less than 70. Three of those are in my midfield. That’s not going to be good enough if I make finals.


Better showing from my mob. Salem late withdrawl sucks.
Gotta hit that FA for backs desperately.


UF isn’t counting Oscar Allen’s score?
Not sure why.


Fixed up now mate.


I need all the percentage I can get.


Comfortable win by the Tigers. Well done, Wim.



  • Pulling out a 1500+ score and beating a fellow finals contender
  • Consistency was the best part. We had three 100’s versus five but we won comfortably
  • Houli one of the best backs in the league, incredible form
  • JOM back in form after a meager previous month, a good duo with Henderson
  • Liberatore back near his best
  • Kruezer took advantage of Bellchambers big time with a huge score
  • Mihocek in good form and De Boer proving to be a fantastic unsexy draft pick
  • Cunningham making me very happy, a gem from the Carlton rough
  • Membrey continues to be consistent, even when his team gets flogged


  • Grimes may have had his last week on the list
  • Menadue may also have had his last week on the list
  • Dew still not giving Brodie a game when his seniors are sh*t
  • Tough game against Stoops to come, need a win to keep my top 4 hopes alive


The Good.

  • Dylan Clarke. Tonnes up on club debut. Literally couldn’t have hoped for better. We’ve kept turning over options in FA, hopefully here is a keeper to add to Ross
  • 1255 would have won a few games against others.
  • Hooker had a stack of it. Remarkable for a wet game
  • Cotchin returned. Faded after half time but nice to have him back.

The Bad

  • 1255 won’t win many games
  • inconsistency from key players continues to plague us.
  • St Kildas travel sickness cost us, played one short.

The Ugly

  • 6 scores under 60, including 2 under 40 plus a donut. Ugly stuff.



Emergency, emergency, emergency and keeps knocking out good consistent VFL scores to make me hang on to him.


Sean Darcy and Josh Smith say hi.
Have been an emergency every round this year.


The good

  • Win number 3
  • score of 1300+, could have been 1400+ with selection aided by hindsight
  • Beginning to see some consistency from some of the younger brigade

The Bad

  • Rankine has now appeared in more GCS music videos than AFL games
  • McLennan and O’hallran - consistent performances in the neafl but can’t get a game
  • F players. worth more than their weight in gold.


I would like to LTI Geary.