2019 FF Original discussion thread


I am ready to get hurt in a close loss again


Nah you’re safe.
I need 36 points in five minutes.


5 minutes left

Vandrs has to chase down 10

Anderson had a crucial shot at goal but missed for Blummers - still needs to chase down 36. Highly unlikely from here


3 mins left

Vandrs still needs 10


Kick and mark to Greene and a free against Coniglio should just have the Seagulls sneak home.


Ahhhhh poooooo


The good…

  • Hopefully I get Daniel Howe, Jamie Elliott, Mitch Wallis, ANB and Oscar Allen back next week.
  • Brett Bewley looks okay. He’s just struggling to run out a game of footy.
  • Sean Darcy should enjoy the next month of footy. He certainly needs the fitness.

The bad…

  • A poor loss. Third game I’ve lost this year by less than 30 points.
  • Season looks over. Just not good enough.

The ugly…

  • Two guys I picked up at last week’s FA look like being tipped back into the FA pool this week.
  • Mason Wood! 93, 92, 92 the last three weeks. Scores 31.


Official Final Scores

saladin 943 lost to Crazy Bomber 1280
Jefferson 1253 lost to You Shall Be Smoten 1446
Vandrs 1331 lost to Dunlop 1345
Windy Dill 1323 lost to Allblack 1555
Stoops 1358 defeated Blummers 1332
fogdog 1534 defeated Alber_Goodthur 1309
The_Mad_Bomber 1179 lost to Fudge 1531
topdon 1252 lost to wimmera 1624
Awesome Scotty 1289 defeated wezza 1075


Position PosLR Team GP Wins Losses Draws For Against % Pts
1 1 Allblack 13 13 0 0 20041 16424 122.0 52
2 2 Fudge 13 10 3 0 18342 16344 112.2 40
3 3 wimmera 13 10 3 0 19247 17226 111.7 40
4 5 fogdog 13 9 4 0 18721 17235 108.6 36
5 6 Crazy Bomber 13 9 4 0 18111 16824 107.6 36
6 4 Windy Dill 13 9 4 0 17844 17330 103.0 36
7 7 Mad Bomber 13 7 5 1 17415 17330 100.5 30
8 8 Awesome Scotty 13 7 6 0 17274 16994 101.6 28
9 10 Stoops 13 6 7 0 18016 17606 102.3 24
10 9 Vandrs 13 6 7 0 16715 17070 97.9 24
11 13 YSB Smoten 13 6 7 0 17069 17495 97.6 24
12 14 Dunlop 13 5 7 1 17122 17723 96.6 22
13 11 Blummers 13 5 8 0 17293 17116 101.0 20
14 12 topdon 13 5 8 0 16576 17191 96.4 20
15 15 saladin 13 3 8 2 15420 16966 90.9 16
16 16 Alber Goodthur 13 3 10 0 15637 17621 88.7 12
17 17 wezza 13 1 12 0 14511 17370 83.5 4
18 18 Jefferson 13 1 12 0 14948 18437 81.1 4

In 4 Days

wimmera (3) vs. Awesome Scotty (8)
Blummers (13) vs. saladin (15)
Fudge (2) vs. topdon (14)
Crazy Bomber (5) vs. The_Mad_Bomber (7)
wezza (17) vs. fogdog (4)
Allblack (1) vs. Stoops (9)
Dunlop (12) vs. Windy Dill (6)
You Shall Be Smoten (11) vs. Vandrs (10)
Alber_Goodthur (16) vs. Jefferson (18)


Could I get you to double check my score, Dunners?
My maths isn’t great, but I get a different total.


Quite right mate, I made a typo it should’ve been 1624 not 1625.



Leave it, I’ll check mine again.

Edit: all good. Silly me was looking at Kelly’s last round instead of his average.


Happy with my trade period. I know a few are confused, but I’m pretty ecstatic.

Entering the trade period my intention was to set up for next year and beyond. Houli and Henderson were tough to let go but both are over 30, whilst I want my age profile in that 23-27 range, which it is now. Houli I think maybe has next year left, Henderson who knows if his scores returns to parity with Mitcehll back next year. I also had a fair too many midfielders on my list, so I either wanted to upgrade what I had or bolster other positions.

Phillips will soon enter his prime in coming years and will be a great 90’s ave mid for me with room for improvement (and still only 23.) Doedee had a brilliant first year last and I look forward to many years down back for me when he returns next year.

Caleb Daniel was expensive, but SPP was traded as he was too inconsistent and frustrating to keep carrying. His scores are exclusively saved by his tackle counts and he finds a hard time finding loose ball. Daniel will surely be a back next year too, seeming as he’s basically played every game down there. Him being an absolute gun helps too. Zaharakis too I’m hoping will be a back next year, and recent weeks are a good indicator of this. I like O’Brien but he was about 24th in my keepers and his age profile is out of whack with the rest of my mature agers. I have Will Drew who I think will be better than him long term.

It was hard to see Brodie let go, but Hunter is a mature aged scorer that I want for the now (and only 24). Basically Hunter is what I hope in a few years that Brodie will become. I think it’s an even deal all things considered.


certainly a big list turnover!


Was sort of happy to keep my list as is, I would have liked to get some quality defenders in but they were going to be too exorbitantly priced for me to seriously consider. I can really only hope to Bradbury the finals because I think the premiership will be either going to the shaky isles or to our main rivals in Pimpino. I think they only strengthened their lists in this trade period.

My only chance is if I can catch one of them out in a prelim with something like a Jack Darling KO early in the game and a score under 10. Even then I would need a little luck.


In: Duncan, Dahlhaus, Robbie Gray and a 9th rounder
Out: Simpkin, Atkins, Acres and 3rd and 5th rounders

Really happy with that trade period, never would’ve thought I’d get those names whilst still holding my first round pick.

Should improve my average score each week and with a bit of luck and some players coming back I’ll hopefully sneak into the bottom half of the 8 and try and cause some damage in finals, but ultimately very excited to add some more consistency and scoring power to the forward line whilst adding Duncan to an already strong midfield.

Will all come crashing down against Allblack and in subsequent weeks no doubt…


You’ve smashed it stoops.


Out: Higgins, Hurn, Shaw, Mundy, Round 4 pick, round 6 pick, round 7 pick.

In: Blakey, Tyson, Burton, Wright, Zurhaar, Round 2 pick, Round 2 pick, Round 3 Pick, Round 5 pick, Round 6 pick.

Obviously only time will tell on how misguided/inspired these moves will be, lol.

Obviously I had to set out to de-age the list, and I’d already decided to have players as the main target rather than picks. This was for two reasons. Firstly, I was conscious of the need to try to fill a lineup in the second half of the season. I didn’t want to be raiding FA for players simply to fill a hole, then doing the same week after week. Such a scenario could have made it difficult to stockpile the likes of Ross/Mozzie/Woodcock/Shipley etc. Secondly, whilst the idea of multiple first round picks sounds great, I felt it didn’t suit this particular list. Because well before we get to drafting, I have to settle on 20 keepers that I’m happy with. That looked problematic to say the least, with so many players potentially in their final year or two, and doubly so if the list was cobbled together via FA over the backend of the season.

So, I wanted players. I apologise to a few coaches who offered picks for various deals, and similarly for knocking back players that didn’t interest me. I was specific in what I wanted/needed and tried to stick to that, perhaps unreasonably. Perhaps not.

I was very pleased to welcome Burton. I have some small concern about his longevity but have always rated him and if he plays, I think he’ll score well for years.

Peter Wright is interesting. I find predicting when/if these types of players are really about to blossom quite difficult. Usually, I get it wrong, lol! I don’t doubt his talent, but I suspect his full FF worth won’t be shown until he gets a chance at more ruck time. Be that as it may, a 23 yo forward/ruck whose best years are clearly well in front of him offers the potential to lock down one of the more valuable (read: difficult) FF positions. I thought long and hard about whether a young mid was of more value, but in the end this became as much about list balance as anything else. Sinclair has some footy left in him, Wright can bide his time up forward.

Nick Blakey was another trade I pondered on for a little while. Obviously, this was 99% about the future. Essentially, I viewed it as having a 2020 first round pick already locked into the list, plus the added bonus that he was getting games now, albeit not scoring well.

Tyson is a tough one, in large part because he’s been injured and consequently I have no idea if North rate him or not. He’s due to play again soon, and I’m hoping he becomes a solid 80 point scorer. I need some solid.

Zurhaar I just like the look of. In large measure a punt, but I think he’s finding his feet now. There are signs, but whether he becomes genuinely useful remains to be seen.

Barring disaster, these five boys will all be easy Keeper choices, locking away 1/4 of the 20. Added to Ross, Mozzie, Bolton etc and the end of year list starts to look a little more sustainable than 4 months ago, and from my perspective a lot more interesting re upside.

Pick wise, we now have six in the first three rounds. And I think 9 picks by the end of round six. That’s a bit different to my last draft. And another trade period to come, although we probably don’t have the equity to be major players in the next one. Naturally, I need to nail those picks.

There was some consistent interest in Harbrow and Hooker, but I was content to keep them unless a very suitable offer emerged. Both should play on next year without too much concern, and I wanted some sort of basis on which to rebuild a defence that will almost certainly lose Hodge, Lewis and Burgoyne and had just bid farewell to Hurn and Shaw. My thanks to various coaches for their interest, and my apologies for not accepting offers that were actually pretty reasonable but didn’t quite suit my needs.

Overall, I’m not sure what to make of this trade period. I’ve certainly ruined much likelihood of too many further wins, which is why the two draws sting a bit. And I won’t really know for a year or so whether the incoming players and draft picks have been wisely accrued. But I did know one thing - I couldn’t afford to do nothing.

Many thanks to all coaches who contacted/responded.


Great trade period.


Reckon you’ve done well with 2020 in mind. I rate Phillips highly, and the tactical thinking of Zaka and Daniel earning B status is something I hadn’t really looked at or considered. And I mistakenly assumed that Hunter was older than he is. Stacks of good footy in front of him.

And as a general note, I rate the trade communication from Craze highly. He comes up with thinking and proposals that aren’t always obvious. Good stuff mate.


The Good:

Scoring 1600+ again, even though including banked scores should help with higher totals during the bye weeks, is encouraging.

Good scoring from those that played with one obvious exception.

The recruits seem to have settled in pretty well.

The Bad:

Injuries to my two Crows in Jenkins and Kelly. Both in decent form, too.

None of my spec fringe players have really come on. That’s a slight worry.

Depth remains a concern. I’ve been skating along the edge all season, and it’s been okay. Players have generally come back in good time to replace those who are injured, but I feel like luck with who is actually available might have a big say in the rest of my season.

33 from Ed.