2019 FF Original discussion thread


Walsh is also a F? Hell yeah!

Also wasn’t Rozee a CB?


Rozee did finish the year as a back in the SANFL but Draft Tracker called him a mid who can go forward and Port listed him as a Mid/HF - so I’m running with that.


Out of interest, would everyone take Walsh with pick 1?

I wouldn’t.


I reckon I would.


He seems a very safe choice, especially considering their list.


I would, but it’s very close with someone else.


I haven’t done enough research on the top pick, but if I didn’t have my own personal Bulldog demons, it would be a flip of of a coin between Bailey Smith and Walsh.
Before last year’s draft, I would have gone with Lukosius but I don’t trust Gold Coast enough to look after him well enough before he heads back to SA.

Hill, Ian FC
Rowbottom, James C
West, Rhylee FC
Sparrow, Tom CB
O’Neill, Xavier C
Kelly, Will B
Hamill, Will CB
Foley, Luke FC
Valente, Luke C
Jordan, James CB
Briggs, Kieran FR
Williams, Bailey J. FR
Berry, Tom CB
Vandermeer, Laitham CB
Mosquito, Irving F
Cameron, Jarrod F
Joyce, Tom C
Bytel, Jack C
McFadyen, Connor FC
Ross, Jack C
McInerney, Justin CB
Cavarra, Ben FC
Taylor, Curtis FC
Parker, Matthew FC
Jarvis, Ben F
Scott, Bailey FC
Kennerley, Jacob CB
Foot, Zac CB
Koschitzke, Jacob FB
Nietschke, Aaron CB
Hind, Nick CB
Answerth, Noah CB
■■■■, Marty B
Schultz, Lachie FC
Turner, Fraser C
Bewley, Brett C
Gown, Noah F
Idun, Connor FB
English, Luke C
Walker, Matthew FC
Sholl, Lachlan CB
Fort, Darcy R
O’Dwyer, Finbar F
Young, Robert FC
Tarca, Jake F
Crocker, Joel FC
Silvagni, Ben FB
Graham, Caleb FB
Ham, Brayden FC
Grundy, Riley B
Brownless, Oscar FC
Bedford, Toby F
Woodcock, Boyd FC
Bosenavulagi, Atu FC
Hayes, Will C
Wilkie, Callum # B
Young, Lachie # CB
Strachan, Kieran # FR
Jok, Tom # CB
Cox, Tobin # FC
McKenzie, Tom # CB
Atkins, Tom # C
Tucker, Durak # B
Greaves, Damon # B
Chandler, Kade # F
Aarts, Jake # F
Edwards, Harry # FB
Watson, Tobe # B
Sweet, Jordon # FR
Reynolds, Harry # CB
Golds, Will # CB
Butts, Jordon # FB
Wilkinson, Tom # F
Alabakis, Sam # R
Bines, Patrick # FR
Brown, Callum M. # FB
Carter, Jason # CB
Frederick, Martin # CB
Keane, Mark # B
Khamis, Buku # B
Madden, James # CB
Murphy, Red Óg # CB
Okunbor, Stefan # CB
Owies, Matt # FC
Pudney, Kai # C
Riach, Brodie # FC
Schlensog, Blake # FR
Tohill, Anton # FB
Wicks, Sam # F
Gibbons, Michael # FC
Cottrell, Matthew # FC
Stack, Sydney # C


100% without a second thought.

Very generous with the +F too!


I think I would.

In a game built largely on sheer possessions, and with F eligibility thrown in as a bonus for year one, I think I’d go that way. But I haven’t looked too closely at it, figuring he’s long gone.

There is one other in the frame, but naturally I’ll be thrilled, astonished and utterly smug that he’s still available at pick 78. Well, that’s what our clubs PR team are telling me.


I may only nominate 9 or 10 keepers, given most of the list is old, broken, infirm, retired, delisted, confused, suspension prone, slow or a combination of all of the above.


Amidst a sudden spate of injuries, and following consultation with Daniel Chick, it is believed that several Saracen FC players have had surgery to amputate their calves.

“We’re comfortable that this is the right move for these guys, that it removes any chance of further calf injuries. Griggy is also weighing up whether he really needs two knees. But they should all be good to go for Round 1, and we don’t expect any of the boys to be slower than they already are anyway”, said a club spokesman.
“We did have to clarify and reassure our Indian fanbase and sponsors on the calf issue though, that was an unfortunate misunderstanding”.

Rumours abound the League that Harley Bennell is desperate to join the club in the upcoming draft period to undergo the same procedure. But the club appears to have squashed that talk this week. The new coach apparently rides English motorcycles and has very little interest in any Harley.


All positions have now been updated on UF


My keepers:

Docherty, Sam
#Duman, Taylin
Guelfi, Matt
Gunston, Jack
Hanley, Pearce
Hurley, Michael
Jacobs, Sam
Kennedy, Josh P.
Kolodjashnij, Kade
Lynch, Tom T.
Lyons, Jarryd
Martin, Dustin
Martin, Jack
O’Brien, Reilly
#O’Riordan, Colin
Sidebottom, Steele
Sloane, Rory
Steele, Jack
Wingard, Chad
Ziebell, Jack


That’s a killer list



Trent Cochin
Nathan Vardy
Luke Hodge
Brett Deledio
Shaun Higgins
Callum Sinclair
Shannon Hurn
Nathan Jones
David Mundy
Heath Shaw
Shaun Grigg
Jarrod Harrow
Shaun Burgoyne
Jarryd McVeigh
Tom Jonas
Jordan Lewis
Travis Colyer
Cale Hooker
Liam Picken
Mav Weller


My keepers:

Isaac Smith
Jordan de Goey
Tom Bellchambers
Callum Mills
Hamish Hartlett
Jayden Short
Jordan Cunico
George Horlin-Smith
Tom Papley
Mitch Brown
Sam Mayes
Jaidyn Stephenson
Jack Bowes
Billy Gowers
Jordan Gallucci
Jayden Laverde
Jack Henry
Thomas Cole
Zachary Bailey
Lincoln McCarthy


Just clarifying, do we nominate or keepers on UF or post here?


I have on UF. Can do here if required, would think that posting non keepers would be more helpful for draft purposes


Thought it was to be done on UF. Any pointers for a Luddite because it’s certainly not obvious to me.