2019 FF Original discussion thread


Looks like Kobe Mutch is expected to resume this weekend. If he does take the field, I’ll delist someone to allow his elevation on to the Main list


The Good

  • Cale Hooker notched up 3 figures. Great to see for a list now bereft of its better scorers.
  • Ryan Burton played his first real game for the club and scored 20 above his season average.
  • Shai Bolton and Jack Silvagni both responded to their demotions with big VFL performances.
  • took a punt on Charlie Dixon in FA last week and he had another good SANFL hitout.

The Bad

  • the byes are a tough time for the lower teams as banking big averages is only an advantage if you have said averages…
  • having trade period then coincide with the byes adds another layer to the above challenge. Over the fortnight the trend for rebuilding sides is to offload better players (better averages) for picks/more speculative potential. In some measure, my score of 950-odd reflects this reality. It’s not a great feeling.
  • Bolton and Silvagni both have byes this week so their good VFL form can’t earn a reward any way.

The Ugly

  • unless a couple of young players step up it’s going to be a very difficult end to the season.


Hey @Dunlop you probably already know, but the ladder on UF needs adjusting. Had me winning last weeks matchup with Neela.


another score in the 1300s. Hopefully this starts be the base to work from. still alot of talent yet to debut on my list and fingers crossed o’hallaran, rankine and mclennan make their debuts sooner rather than later.

I didn’t really plan to be active this trade period, but the deal CB put up for Daniel was to good to ignore. SPP has his problems but is still only 21. Hopefully someone kicks his ■■■■ into gear, because i it does click for him he will be a good scorer. The 2 first rounders won’t hurt either.

I knew that he and most likely milera will lose there F eligibility at the end of the year so was planning on losing one of those 2 or williams come years end from before the last draft.


SPP sure has been a journeyman.
I do think he’ll be a blue chip player.


I don’t expect him to be blue chip. I do hope that he turns into a 80/8v avg, he has the scope to do so


Bye Averages

  • Average of players last 4 games
  • If a player has not played 4 games this season, games from 2018 will be used to fill in the remainder
  • If a player has not played 4 games over 2018-19 they will receive an average from the games they have played during that time

Eligibility Criteria

  • Player must have been selected last round and been able to play out the match to qualify
  • Player can’t have subsequently been suspended
  • Notwithstanding criteria #1, players are ineligible if they are announced post-match to miss games through injury.


Unavailable: Jenkins, Kelly, Murphy & Talia

Atkins 93
Betts 62
Brown 58
B.Crouch 118
M.Crouch 98
Douglas 54
Ellis-Yolmen 100
Gallucci 67
Greenwood 83
Hartigan 44
Keath 65
Laird 106
Milera 85
O’Brien 103
Seedsman 62
Sloane 85
Smith 78
Walker 65


Unavailable: Ed Curnow

Casboult 69
Cripps 92
Cuningham 64
C.Curnow 91
Dow 54
Fisher 55
Gibbons 64
Kreuzer 87
Marchbank 51
McGovern 47
McKay 53
Murphy 66
Newman 78
O’Brien 60
Petrevski-Seton 90
Plowman 50
Setterfield 68
SImpson 68
Thomas 69
Walsh 96
Weitering 50

Gold Coast

Unavailable: -

Ah Chee 59
Ballard 42
Brodie 92
Day 50
Ellis 48
Fiorini 102
Harbrow 70
Holman 67
Hombsch 39
Horlin-Smith 41
Joyce 72
King 40
Lukosius 46
MacPherson 84
Martin 87
Miles 93
Powell 59
Sexton 47
Swallow 92
Weller 85
Witts 99
Wright 64


Unavailable: de Boer

Buntine 57
Cameron 78
Coniglio 117
Daniels 53
Davis 68
Deledio 73
Finlayson 72
Greene 83
Himmelberg 73
Hopper 100
Kelly 138
Kennedy 52
Mumford 61
Perryman 85
Reid 64
Shaw 86
Stein 59
Taranto 125
Taylor 48
Tomlinson 65
Williams 82

North Melbourne

Unavailable: -

Anderson 80
Atley 63
Brown 75
Cunnington 83
LDU 48
Dumont 79
Durdin 32
Garner 57
Goldstein 97
Larkey 50
McDonald 63
Pittard 65
Polec 83
Simpkin 59
Tarrant 53
Thomas 59
Thompson 50
Turner 64
Williams 58
Wood 77
Ziebell 95
Zurhaar 65


Unavailable: -

Baker 84
Balta 52
Broad 54
Butler 48
Caddy 73
Castagna 69
Chol 56
Ellis 98
Garthwaite 37
Graham 77
Grimes 46
Higgins 56
Houli 119
Lynch 49
Martin 114
McIntosh 55
Menadue 60
Naish 74
Prestia 107
Rioli 51
Stack 73
Vlastuin 76


Ouch. Poor Jefferson.



If he turns into an 85 avg player, you’d hope he becomes a F or B. 85 from a C is good enough to be the last midfielder or a bench backup.

Best of luck with him though. I’ve never rated him. Terrible disposal (not that it matters in relation to DT).


Thats what I’m hoping. he was a free hit, the steak knives to a pair of first rounders.

will need to wait at least a week to see. Looks like he (along with Lienert) make up part of the blood letting after last weeks performance




The odd thing about SPP is even with Wines & Rockliff out last week, he still ranked poorly (7th) in centre bounce attendances, with Houston playing as an inside mid for the first time that I’ve seen, and even Amon started inside at more bounces than SPP.


@Fudge - If you wish to acquire Stein, you’ll need to make an additional delisting as you currently have 31 players on your list without an LTI.


Just needed to hold onto Sam Day for 2 more weeks!!! God dammit!!!


Sorry folks. I haven’t been totally AWOL, but was travelling through Kentucky last weekend and didn’t get all my team selected in time for the Friday cut-off. I’m back on the wagon this weekend.


Lockhart in for Melbourne, and I got a bit lucky at FA with Day this week and Dixon last week, who has been named.

It won’t matter, but I have a full 18.


Sums up my season that I’m having guys getting injured even when having the bye the week before


If Crozier makes the team, somehow i’ve managed another full team. It’s a miracle.


Picking up Hickey last week was a shrewd move. He and Oscar Allen will loophole into my 18.

I’m relatively happy with where my list is at.
Hickey and Marley Williams are likely to end up back in the FA pool at some stage between now and the end of the season.
Teia Miles and Harry Jones are next on the FA chopping block.
Curtis Taylor and Charlie Spargo could find themselves there eventually depending on weekly selections.
The rest should stay on my list until the next trade period and hopefully force a few tough decisions during trade period.