2019 FF Original discussion thread


Hickey will be a curious one. Nicnat back playing WAFL so maybe one or two weeks til he’s out


Two hundreds (Hooker and Sinclair) is already more than we had last week, lol. 70 from Blakey , who looked ok. If I can get another 90+ from Burton I’ll be very pleased. Clarke not as good but almost decent score like Blakey.

Best of all, rarely, no disastrous score from the five who have played.

Small glimmers over here, lol.


Goddamnit, Dunners…


Pretty jealous.

Connor well held by the eagles. Guelfi out in the second quarter and Hutchinson doing his job on Saad and playing well means he scores like a bag of dicks.

Have a sinking feeling this may be a very very low scoring week


Lockhart 56 at half time. Keep going lad!
Jones 46. If he can double that it would be very nice.

I’m assuming with the bye averages there’s little chance of a win (haven’t worked out the scores) but it’d be good to run Blummers close.


I can’t quite tell, but you’ll be one short so you have quite a bit to make up.
You look like hitting somewhere short of 1200 whereas I’m looking at a score around 1350.


Lockhart and Jones both slowed down, not as good as I was hoping at half time.


There goes Gardiner with his 14 points from the first 12 minutes again.
Looking forward to him piling on another 36 for the game.


Hannebery looking to be worth the wait, handy debut so far


Unless the Bont sleeps in and misses the bus, I’m toast.
Disgraceful effort from the boys.


Aannd I’m done. 1227 if I can count correctly.

Burton gave me a third centurian for the weekend , so that was good. But 32 from Jonas was horrid.


Boys were revved up for the game.


Wezza to pull off a big upset against my underperforming fogtrotters??

I think the score is:

fogdog 1375 (final) v wezza 1010 (Moore, Crozier, Wood)


I reckon my boys are going to get pummeled and might be on a 3 game losing streak for the first time in a while.


Can’t see those three lads knocking out 366.


It’s been a pretty rough game for your forwards, would barely scrap 200.


Would be the ultimate fluke if they did.


Predicted Score:

@wimmera1 1406 (fs) vs. @Awesome_Scotty 1415

Current Score 1406 vs. 1240 (Bont & WHE)

Other Games are Already Decided - Predicted Scores:
Blummers 1364 vs. saladin 1227 (fs)
Fudge 1499 vs. topdon 1236
Dunlop 1241 vs. Windy Dill 1371

More to come shortly


In Play:
@You_Shall_Be_Smoten 1307 vs. @Vandrs 1249

Current Score: 1008 (Pendles, Treloar & Lipinski) vs. 1100 (Cripps & Thomas)

Other Matches Decided

Craze 1418 vs. Mad 1188
wezza 1185 vs. fog 1375 (fs)
Allblack 1605 vs. Stoops 1419
Albert 1044 vs. Jefferson 1302

Congratulations to @Jefferson on your 2nd win of the season and in doing so getting off the bottom of the ladder!


Bonts wipes a third of the deficit off in a quarter by himself.