2019 FF Original discussion thread


I think this year is wide open. There is a bunch of teams capable of winning it. Happy with my team but there is a few that scare me.


Probably would have lost to myself as well…


The good…

  • A win is always welcomed. A 1350 score is a touch above my season’s average so that’s comforting after trading my best scorer.
  • I’m liking the look of Wilkie. Maybe Carlisle’s return will free him up.
  • I wish Brandon Matera performed like this more often than once a month.
  • Matt Scharenberg smashed VFL. He should get a game soon and my backline needs it. Hopefully two of Harry Jones, Daniel Howe and Teia Miles also get games soon.

The bad…

  • Brett Bewley has shown flashes, but his scoring just isn’t up to scratch at the moment.
  • Riley Bonner’s form has been a concern.
  • Duncan, Gray and Tuohy all tonne up the week after I traded them out.
  • I’ve got Allblack next week. It’s not going to be pretty.


The Good

Four tons from fourteen players. Quite a few guys in good solid form.

May’s two 70’s on return, shoring up that 5B position.

That’s it for this week

The Bad

It feels like every damn week someone gets injured during the game. Franklin this time, leaving him stranded on 40.

Walters headbutted some idiot

My usually safe as houses Hawkins decided not to touch the ball this week with 26, Sicily was down 50, Reid had 44 and my first bench in Smack had 19. Pathetic from those players.
Kelly, Ebert and Mundy down a collective ton on their averages too.

I knew I had one more trade to make. Friggin’ knew it, and because I fluffed it that’s cost me a game already.

Looking forward
I have the unreliable Ed and the super-reliable Jake Kelly who will come straight back into the 18 this week.
1400 is a decent score considering how much went wrong.
Hopefully Jenkins and Riewoldt can make it back for finals.


Match of the round, nay, season. Should be a named theme round.

Throw in the towel for Rowell?
Season done for Anderson?


The Good

  • Burton tonned up. He’s played 2 games for us, averaging 101. Way above his season average.
  • Hooker. Consecutive 100’s. There were some offers at the trade table but his last two weeks suggest I made the right call. Sinclair joined him in the hundred club, giving us three from 12 players.
  • Lockhart continues to impress, albeit fading after half time.
  • Blakey showed he may be a big moment player.
  • our 12 actually outscored Blummers 12. Not that it means squat.
  • 1200+ obviously far better than last week’s 900+ . We actually could have won a couple of matches this week.

The bad

  • We got murdered by the averages players
  • Jonas 38 was rubbish.
  • I was hoping Carlisle would play back, which would make Marsh more viable as a possession winner. Didn’t happen.
  • Jones had a horrible second half.
  • I’d forgotten Vardy copped a week before the bye, so ended 1 short.

I’m very glad the byes are over. Average scores were never going to aid us and the game is more fun when you at least have some hope that a player or two might pull a random big score. Hopefully Shai Bolton gets a game for the tiggers and Silvagni for FC. I’m keen to see what potential we have on this list. Dom Tyson is listed to return to action this week. He’ll need a few VFL outings before I’ll have any idea if he’s in North’s plans.


Cripple fight


The Good
Brodie Grundy scoring 186
Luke Parker 157, could he be back?

The Bad
148 points from 5 forwards that actually played. Simply not good enough.
Jeremy Howe and Jesse Hogan going down, hopefully not for long.
10 players scored 65 or under

The Ugly
3 losses in a row, is not the type of performances a quality side dishes up. Even though the opposition were highly ranked teams.
Maybe we are just pretenders?


The Good

  • Breaking the win drought, always good to get back on the winner’s list
  • Mills back to back 100s, Hartlett returning and Laverde getting some games
  • Short and Bailey returning from injury

The Bad

  • Stephenson out for 10 weeks. Told him setting up his betting account under Saidyn Jtephenson was still too obvious.

  • Big win against wimm with Bont’s huge quarter, we were secretly cheering for them to win the premiership cup this year. But we’ve switched!
  • Loving our new recruit in Jack Billings - averaging 142 since the trade!
  • Hayward just had his first game back from injury but will hopefully get going.
  • Logue has had as a stellar start after making is debut, averging 87. We’ll be happy with a 75-80 average.
  • Look forward to getting Whitfield back in a week or two and Paton next week.

Down on form for Rayner at the moment.

@Dunlop, can I LTI Williamson? He missed since week 8, was 1-2 weeks, then out to 3-4 weeks now indefinite.

Lol wish GC determined Ainsworth’s injury properly first, he gonna be out 8 in total but we’ll manage :wink:


Has five sides above him, including three of the top eight, covered for ‘points for’. But also has the second highest "points against’ in the comp. Been stiff.


Yes you can LTI Williamson. All the Carlton fans jumped on his back hoping he’d be the backline saviour without Docherty and his back just hasn’t been able to handle the load…seriously I really hope Carlton’s mismanagement of him last year hasn’t f’d him long-term.


Was really hoping Ham would have been at least an emergency (I submitted well before teams were named, forgetting we played Thursday). We could do with some hard running. But perhaps if he had been named I wouldn’t have got him.

Still happy to have him if I can carry him through for the next five games.


Look like being 4 down this week. Possibly only 2 if the heavens align.

■■■■ this ■■■■


Yay a ruck!!!

Booooo Francis a late in and playing back!


Need one of Bolton/Lewis/Silvagni/menadue to survive the EIC cut tonight to have a full side. Reasonable chance of getting one of those, you’d think.


Bet you get none!! That’s how this game works


Stats men must not like Connor.

Was in everything and saw he had 11 bounces and most meters gained for the game. They give him 50 points


Looks like I’ve run into the good Jack Darling this week, far out


Looks like trading Burton and Wright was the kick both of them needed