2019 FF Original discussion thread


Sinclair shoulder gone. Not ideal.


Enjoying seeing Simpkin on ball.


Up against it this week, can feel the season slipping away!


Need a big last quarter from Hannebery, Prestia, Lambert and Edwards to bring it close to parity and then hope Plowman and Rich outscore Lester and Hunt.

Not out of it but probably going to be tough, too many passengers so far this week


Hannebery basically the only one to touch it this term, think I’m cooked now


Too many sub 50 scores from my mob again.

I think my year is shot.


As of about 5 minutes ago the gap was about 42 points but Hunt has just marked and goaled so Plowman will need a 100 point game for me to win.

11 points between Edward’s and Lambert in last term of their game will cost me I think.

My year also done, can’t come back from 6-9


Five losses by under 25 points and another when scoring the second highest for the round, this season stinks


Particularly glad I didn’t face you this week.


There is no way @Allblack is not winning this, scoring 1600+ almost every week.


Injuries are an always present threat in this game. AB looks strong but there are other squads that can make the jump.

Not mine, mind you. Lol.


AB has been super consistent and his trades are doing very nicely, and he’s clearly the team of the year regardless of what happens.

But there are four or five other teams certainly capable of posting a 1550 score, and that could easily be enough.


Yep. Going well now but you, Fog, Fudge or Dill have thrown up massive numbers. Only teachers one week for my team to be down and another to be up


I’m still crying in my weet-bix over the trade that totally should have happened.

Edit: Having said that, at least I had an excuse.
Ran out of picks to give.
How 16 other coaches said, ‘22 year-old FC just starting to get proper midfield minutes for a third round? …nah,’ I do not know.


Who are you talking about, Wim? Atkins?


Dunlop put him out there in the trade thread for a third round and since then he’s scored a ninety and two tons.

He wouldn’t take my fourth and sixth, which was obviously very sensible.



  • Happy with Coffield’s debut of 73, will be handy in the back-line.
  • Jones’ averaging around a ton since he’s been back from injury
  • Whitfield back in time for the finals (will be a handy 100+)
  • SPS playing like a gun over the past 5
  • We finally have some depth
  • New recruits Billings and Hayward doing well, but wish Billings got more middle time.
  • New FA pick up R. Smith scored 91, might find himself a spot in the backline.


  • Petracca concerning, 40 in the first quarter than scored 37 the rest of the game
  • Logue back down to earth, scoring 42 after averaging 87 the past two

We’re building well in time for the finals. Good game @Vandrs


It was the absolute anti-climax it was predicted to be.

With this loss the #1 is in the bag now.

Shockingly outscored 3 other coaches this round though.


I dont need another Ruck (prefer backs), but it could be Chol-a-palooza this Wednesday.


We had a shocker. Sinclair early injury and Peter Wright top scoring with 81 tells you everything you need to know.

I’d be telling lies to even try to do a “positives”. I mean, I could mention Shipley in the Neafl but GWS don’t want to give him a game anyway.

We lick our wounds and move on.