2019 FF Original discussion thread


The good

  • Reilly O’Brien (128) tonnes up 4 of the last 5 weeks. The Jacobs to O’Brien succession plans looks like it will be a winner.
  • Corey Ellis and Nick Hind have come in and performed well in the back line.
  • Hanley and Steele return to strengthen my side. Wingard and Lynch (Adel) due back next week.

The bad

  • Half the team scored less than 70.


The Good

550 from my five mids.

Smack scoring a relevant score from the bench. With increased ruck duties he may become a solid scorer.

Astbury’s continued surprising form. The way my team is going, I still can’t risk him as a starting 18 player, but he’s becoming a reassuring back-up.

No injuries.

The Bad
72 being my highest score from the back 6.

No tons from any forwards.

Goldstein putting in a meh score.

Looking forward.

Not taking Vandrs for granted this week, he’s capable on his day.
I’m not too concerned about consecutive 1400 scores. At this point it’s about getting the win and finishing top 4, which is going to be tough with the logjam from 2nd to…7th?

I back my boys.
Form is temporary, class is permanent.
No point in everyone being up in June.


Well done @Crazy_Bomber, too much experience for my boys at this stage of their development.

The Good

  • Dawson’s 2nd game as a back was even better than his first, I don’t expect the new role to last too much longer with McVeigh and Cunningham back shortly, but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts
  • Clark & Rowbottom’s best games at AFL level
  • 3 consecutive weeks of Setterfield scoring 75+ - outperforming my expectations given he was on a modified program for the entire pre-season
  • Brodie beat Hunter (unlikely to happen again this year) and made incremental improvements in his ability to spread from the contest. A full pre-season will help him immensely both offensively and defensively and help lift him into Dew’s best 22
  • Stewart continues to be ridiculously consistent and will go close to winning the B&F
  • Who knew all it would take for Tucker to fire is to threaten to send him back to the wimmera?

The Bad

  • I don’t like dropping players purely because of conditions, but probably should’ve with Duggan playing in the downpour and Tarrant under a roof
  • Sier’s concussion
  • Fogarty didn’t take his opportunity
  • Weideman

The Ugly

  • Allblack next week


This is the final week for LTIs, so if you have anybody you wish to nominate get them in quickly. Deadline is Friday 7.50pm AEST.


@Dunlop Can I LTI Bellchambers?


No, 6 weeks is not 8+ weeks.


Max King please


You’ve already got 2 on LTI - Mitchell & Williamson.

You can check if you’ve got a spare LTI spot on UF - the LTI Lists are under the ladder


ah yes forgot about Mitchell, thanks mate!

can i drop williamson and lti king?


This season has flown by to be that time again. I would like to LTI Jesse Hogan but I am not 100% what his injury prognosis is.


I read that as Tom Bellchambers first up.

Many Waiver reqs for chol? Hoped to make FA list.


Lots of waiver requests for Chol!


We don’t use UF.

Look at the top of the Foggy FA thread.


Some great selections there.
Happy to see none reached my (non-existant) pick.


Ahhh crap. Didnt know that was pinned in first page. Thanks for that!

Dunlop being at #1 now scares me…


I did not know a few weeks back either, I had been working on UF for the last couple of years.


It’s been like that for as long as I’ve been in the comp.


Barrass and Cunningham both named to play this week and I think they are eligible to return from LTI.

Just to confirm, I need to drop two players before the start of the round and then I can select them in my side?



@The_Mad_Bomber: Not approved. Mid foot sprains generally aren’t LTIs and he’s scheduled to be back running over the weekend. He’d still be in a moon-boot and nowhere near running if they thought he’d miss the rest of H&A.

@You_Shall_Be_Smoten: Yep - both are eligible to play you just need to post the 2 players you’re dropping


Thanks @Dunlop

I’ll drop Jake Waterman and Kane Farrell