2019 FF Original discussion thread


Guess I get good news and bad news. Caleb Daniel injured for a month, Drew out after being forced to sit on a forward flank and still no sign of Menegola who’s gone weeks past expectations. On the other hand, Lobb went from season ender to back this week, and Marcus Adams finally makes his debut for his new club after spending 16 weeks on the sidelines to boost the backline. If I can get Libba/Menegola/Daniel back before finals I might be able to cause some headaches for a few teams.

Bad luck with Brodie btw @Dunlop, mind blows that he’s the first to be omitted. He’s really getting the Langford treatment it seems.


Quaynor debut very encouraging but frustrating that I seem to cop more unavailabilities as each week goes by, now Hannebery out. Think I’m still mathematically a chance for finals so will hold out hope but looking forward to my 9th placed finish already


Playing 1 short in the Ruck this week barring a late Zac Smith in. Bellchambers out for 6 and T Smith a late out. I did go for rucks this week in FA.


Loved the way Quaynor played, looks like you have a long term keeper there.


Zac Clarke was available.
Rather cold that even on an Essendon board, he’s not on a list when it’s clear he’ll get a game.
Surprised he didn’t get picked up by someone.


True, but I thought Hartley might actually get a run in the ruck this week after his role change in the VFL and the fact he has been playing Ruck/Fwd at times.


back in the team!


Burgoyne started well but slowed big time.

Topdon might be two short, whether we can make use of that is debatable. Need some boys to have above average weekends.

Edit: And now I’m hearing Wright is a late out, probably due to conditions!? lol, I give up.


Heppell a big out. I think I’m in trouble this week


Anybody who is watching this first half understands why Zak hasn’t been picked up


Whilst I agree, 11 points is better than 0.


I’d rather the 0


He ended up with mid 30s.
I don’t know about you, but I’ve lost 3 games this year by 30 or less points.
I’d take his score more than a zero any day.


I lose most games by 100 +. Zlarkes 30 would just make me feel dirty


Would have got flogged by Dill regardless, but Parfitt being a late out and then copping Powell’s 4 hurts the overall score!


Hodge and 7 point lead vs Taranto. Two quarters to play.

I think I’m sunk. Wright’s omission will be fatal. Or Kolo’s concussion. Absolutely Spewing.


Gonna be a few hard luck stories this week.


Door slightly opens for @Stoops


Dunlop 15 minutes away from the upset of the year. Holding a narrow 30 point lead and down 1 player v 4 but Josh Kelly could be done for Allblack.


Just following on a stats feed. Need Taranto to sit out the last few minutes and Hodge to get three or four cheap possessions!