2019 FF Original discussion thread


I’m in front!!

Blow the siren!


Some very interesting games.

Even if I manage to scrape through my last three games, there’s no way I can finish second.
My percentage will take a hammering.

May not even finish top four from here.


The good…

  • Marshall, Swallow, Newman and Bonner all got tonnes. Well done!
  • A win is always welcomed.
  • Still in the hunt for finals.

The bad…

  • Probably have to win 2 of my final 3 games to make finals. Neela and Windy are going to be tough to beat. Dunlop will be a 50/50 game.
  • Low 1300 scores is not going help me in the finals.
  • The Jekyll and Hyde performances have been frustrating the last few years. Luke Ryan, Howe, Jamie Elliott and Mason Wood have let the team down this week.


The Good

  • A win! Woah, how did that happen!?
  • Hodge. It looks like he scored 18 to zip in the last five minutes to secure a win.
  • We had 3 players tonne up. Plus Cotchin 97, Day 90, Burton 92.
  • Shipley had another 24 in the Neafl. Usually that’d be a “so what” , but with GWS suddenly on the slide they may finally look at giving him a chance.
  • Ham seems to have had been good in the VFL.

The Better

  • Who those three tonnes came from. Bolton, Zurhaar, Silvagni. That’s massive on a list that is trying to regenerate quickly. Of our top 6 scorers, 5 have arrived on the list this year.

The Hero

  • Hodge is the obvious one but the true turning point came earlier on Sunday from Zurhaar. He piled on 40+ points in the final term to give Hodge a small lead to defend.

The Bad

  • 1211 is not a good score. It’d only have beaten 3 sides, luckily we played one of them.
  • Inconsistency from too many. Kolo is forgiven due to injury but a few sub-40 scores means we will never push up into the 1300’s. That said, Wright’s withdrawal probably robbed us of 60+ and Kolo injury similar.


Well done Fog, far too good for us. Your Fogtrotters will definitely be one of the teams to beat come finals time. Right now I would say the third side behind the AB’s and the Pimpino Tigers but you have had some pretty impressive scores of late, haven’t you?


Can’t get a break. Tense game. Well done.


@stoops with a win and still with a chance to make the 8!


Bad luck Dunlop. Have had internet blackout so been a bit worried. Glad to get the win bit a disappointing week from so many. Shows again how open this year is


The Good

  • A scrubby unimpressive win, but a wins a win and keeps the heat on the top 4 even with no one is giving me a chance. Really need Daniel and Menegola back before finals
  • All 3 of my trade ins, Zaka, Phillips and Hunter score tons
  • Walsh started slow but powered home for a 98
  • Dunstan scores 119 although it’s on the bench
  • Sam Frost actually showing good promise down back from being a FA, whilst M Kennedy showed some promise for Carlton despite being left deep forward with 2.4, hopefully gets a bit more midfield time

The Bad

  • Mostly a terrible week scoring wise, with Battle injured on 4 topping it off
  • Adams and Lobb looked very dodgy in their returns from long injury layoffs, hopefully better for the runs
  • Guthrie had his worst game for the year


Cheers mate, you were a bit stiff. Hodge had one of his best scores for the year, he’s been generally sitting in the 50/60 range.


Nah no chance, there are three teams ahead of me that I could theoretically displace, however all three will probably win 2 of the remaining three games which will be enough to see them in - none of the three teams play more than one game against a team ranked higher than them. I think I’ll win two of the remaining three as well.

Crunchas v Hammertown in the second last round will dictate the last spot in the 8, I’ll finish 9th or 10th.


No offence, but…hope you’re right.

Edit: lol. Nah, screw no offence.
You’re fifth on points for and only 85 points behind Fudge.
I sure as hell don’t want to meet you in the finals.


Will just have to be content with knocking you off a home prelim in the last round haha


I’d say boo, but…well, y’know…


Interesting game coming up against Hammertown. Given we were effectively two short, we weren’t a million miles away from their score last week. We’ll need a full team, some more good performances and hope that the Hammers are off their game, but you never know.



Be nice to see Taylor Adams back this week and then hopefully Nank the week after.

Just like most years, the boys will fire when it doesn’t matter and we’ll finish 10th again.


I hope you do roll him.
Smoten underperformed last week against me. After Friday night, I thought he’d win comfortably.
By Saturday afternoon it was even. By Saturday night I was winning easily. Then he closed the gap on Sunday.
I caught him on a good weekend.


Hey fog. I’ve made a mistake and ‘selected’ Patrick Wilson as a free agent and he’s already on Allblack’s list. My other selections were already picked up so this won’t change any subsequent picks. Sorry about the mix up


Bobby :broken_heart:


Most popular Waiver week ever.