2019 FF Original discussion thread


Maybe I should have hung on to Hill seeing he was so popular. Hanrahan too.


Whoop! Whoop!


I drafted him and reluctantly dropped to try fill a full team. Hoped to pick him up on waiver but figured nate would get him.

Not unhappy with noble on fa though.


Has anyone ever hit the hard 30 player cap for FA signings for the year?

I’m up to 24 with 2 weeks of the regular season left


I came close last year. Think I had 10 left with 10 weeks to go.
I had to use trade period so that I didn’t use up FA’s.
Think I got to 29 in the end.

This year it’s been the opposite. I’m at 15 at the moment.


Never been very close in this league.

When I jumped into the other league last year I think I did 30 pick ups in half a season.


I don’t reckon I’ve done more than 10 in any season in either comp!


Too much sunk cost fallacy for me to overuse it.

I still believe in Mirra!


Thanks Blummers, congrats on the win. I’m kicking myself for benching Josh Bruce, might cost myself a finals spot


I’ll need you to wear an alternate strip this week!

Hope it’s a good game


I pretty much use my full quota every year. Got zero loyalty and patience at Dill FC.


I could drop from 2nd to 7th this week.




Just realised no one picked up Derek Eggmolesse-Smith. I guess we all think he wont make the team.

I hope he does and plays well (and comes into my team the week after I NEED BACKS)


I ain’t gonna lie, I just plain forgot about FA.


Of course GC are going so well that they don’t need Wright to play…

At least this week I know early enough to move Day into the ruck.


Am ripe for the picking this week. New found respect for people playing from overseas. It’s a pain in the ■■■■.


Yeah honestly some of the timings are annoying. I wish I were posting more in this thread and able to respond to trade scenarios but more of my Blitz time is at work and I feel guilty posting too much at work.


What does it mean when you have people on the BN section of your team with green ticks on UF, don’t think I’ve seen that this year


The green ticks mean they are named in the side for the weekend