2019 FF Original discussion thread


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Duursma and spp dropped to emergencies. Both posted 80+ last game.

■■■■ you hinkley for making me 2 short


This one was basically done last night. Hammers have four centurions already.

Blakey has 0.3? Not quite what we needed, lol


The ZClarke discussion taking a turn tonight


Not playing Ben Brown may have been an error on my part.


He freaking loves playing us.


What a beautiful man


I’ve now decided I don’t like depth as it forces you to make the wrong decision, Brown and Betts post best scores for the year and nowhere near selection this week


Coming towards finals with Heppell and Kelly both out and distract Fyfe may be done.


Rich people problems.


Craze is very good at what he does, but I’ve seriously jeopardised the return to the 8 build for 2020, I started last year, with that Hunter-Brodie trade. The sad thing is I knew exactly why Dew myopically doesn’t rate Brodie and still opted to roll the dice. Its not a mortal wound as I’ll have 3-4 players that could potentially break out next season, and another 2-3 that should start moving from the fringes towards being best 22, but I’ve frittered away someone who could’ve been a constant to help smooth the scoring fluctuations of youth.

Ironically in their 2 biggest losses of the season, Dew, in a bid to improve their team defense, has played their best clearance mid exclusively forward - last week Dew relented after 1/2 time, but last night he didn’t, so Brodie attended 2 bounces for the game.

Only at Gold Coast could they ask for a priority pick, whilst their coach single-handedly pushes a recent top 10 pick out of the club, only a mere year after systematically driving down the return for another recent top 10 pick. That isn’t even including driving out one of the few non-spuds that wanted to come to the club in Jarryd Lyons.


Hoped to get 200 from Dunkley and Brayshaw. Got 222. Dunkley with 186 is ridiculous. Might be the highest score from one player for my team.


I don’t want to tempt fate, but I think I’ve done enough this week.


I honestly have no idea what Dew is doing with Brodie, and there’s a good reason why I try to steer clear of Gold Coast players as a rule in general. You just know he’ll be dropped next week too. What they did with Lyons was diabolical, he was their best midfielder numbers wise and was dropped twice and then they basically gifted him away to Brisbane (where right now at half time he has 18 disposals) for free with a year left on his contract. I still think Brodie will be a gun inside player but I hope for his sake he makes the move to another club, because if he’s not playing inside mid there’s no point playing him.


They’re also now not playing Peter Wright.

That club is utterly ruinous of its players.



  • Nice % booster and we now move into the top 4 with Fudges defeat!
  • Hunter puts on his best score for the year with a big 154
  • Nice to see Kruezer back in form, bringing up the ton and hopefully some form heading towards finals
  • Gotta love Robbo, keeps giving me tons and tackling his heart out
  • Mihocek puts up a humongous score of 120, been great value this year. Walsh keeps on keeping on.


  • J Kennedy and Adams score 30 combined, Adams has made a…slow return from injury.
  • Zaka had his worst score since coming to the club
  • Need Battle back as Adams isn’t cutting it, need to find some backline solutions
  • Caleb Daniel back before finals would be a huge help as would Menegola, basically both are 80-100+ scorers that basically replace 2 players (J Kennedy/Membrey) that scored 55 combined
  • Seems like they’re parking Matt Kennedy deep forward as he hasn’t had the pre-season to go midfield


Second highest score for the round was pleasing, and leaving some points on the sidelines with selection. A couple of results went my way but with Sal not winning I still don’t think I can make it.


A well deserved win @Dunlop you guys scored well. Too many players with too much complacency this week. Fingers need to be pulled out and we will have to rely on results now I suspect.

Our finals chances are in real jeopardy as we are out of the 8 by my calculations after the results of this week are processed.


The good…

  • Another win keeps my slim finals chances alive.
  • The last 5 weeks has been the best stretch of consistent performances I’ve had since I last make finals.
  • The backline was awesome this week. Three players toned up. That’s the most I’ve ever had.

The bad…

  • My forward line was terrible this week. Four of them scored less than 55.
  • I’m very lucky that I caught smoten and neela on their poor scoring weeks.
  • I’m going to need to win my games against Dunlop and Windy along with one of the following two scenarios to make finals:
  • smoten to lose to MB this week, MB lose to Allblack in round 19,
  • Fudge beat Neela in round 19, wim beat stoops in round 19


Yep. Welcome to my world every week. :tired_face: