2019 FF Original discussion thread


It is to be done on UF.

Log in and Go to the Bomberblitz FFL page.

You should see a clock counting down to the draft.

Below that is “nominate keepers” button.


You can select the draft tab. Then nominate keepers option


You can also see everyone else’s keepers.



My keepers are:
Jeremy Cameron GWS - F
Ben Cunnington NM - C
Jack Darling WC - F
Brodie Grundy CW - R
Jesse Hogan FR - F
Jeremy Howe CW - B
Jayden Hunt ME - B
Jarman Impey HW - B,F
Sam Lloyd WB - C,F
Chris Masten WC - B,C
Brayden Maynard CW - B
Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti ES - F
Teia Miles HW - B
Dylan Moore HW - F
Steven Motlop PA - C,F
Luke Parker SY - C
Sebastian Ross SK - C
Tom Scully HW - C
Lewis Taylor BL - F
Justin Westhoff PA - R,F

Delistees are:
Eddie Betts AD - F
Taylor Duryea WB - B
Jarryn Geary SK - B
Billy Longer SK - R
Cam McCarthy FR - F
Brody Mihocek CW - F
Lewis Pierce SK - R
Harry Taylor GE - B,F

  • If my positions are wrong then I apologise


You traded Broadbent in mate, you’ll have to keep him.


2019 fogtrotters keepers:

R. Laird
M. Crouch
B. Crouch
O. Wines
D. Shiel
D. Tyson
J. Selwood
R. Mathieson
J. Worpel
R. Laird
D. Byrne-Jones
J. Pittard
S. Savage
J. Trengove
A. Allir
C. Curnow
T. McLean
I. Heeney
J. Daniher
L. Bruest
K. Langford



Players that were traded in and must be kept:

Albert: Conca, Daw*, J.Sinclair, Starcevich
Allblack: Witts
Blummers: D.Swallow
Craze: M.Adams, Brodie, Houli, M.Kennedy, O’Meara, SPP
Dunlop: H.Clark, ■■■■■■■, Hardwick, Setterfield & Stewart
Fog: Aliir, Breust, M.Crouch, Laird
Fudge: N/A
Jeff: Laverde
Mad Bomber: N/A
Neela: Ben Ainsworth, D.Howe
saladin: N/A
Smoten: N/A
Stoops: Birchall, Hannebery
topdon: N/A
Vanders: N/A
wezza: C.Ah Chee, Ling, Roberton
wimm: Franklin, T.Kelly, Seedsman, Shuey
Windy Dill: Broadbent

  • As Daw was uninjured when traded for and is now out long-term, AG has the option of either keeping him or ditching him in preference for another player.


What is your secret? I tried and I tried but Lairdy proved resistant to cloning whilst here at the Seagulls.

Also is it too late to throw some coin on foggy for the premiership? Or have the bookies already paid out on that?


My keepers:

Stepehn Coniglio
Taylor Adams
Devon Smith
Toby Nankervis
Tom Lynch
Jack Crisp
Brodie Smith
Hugh McCluggage
Orazio Fantasia
Adam Tomlinson
Jade Gresham
Ryan Clarke
Josh Thomas
Harris Andrews
Aaaron Francis
Martin Gleeson
Jackson Thurlow
Liam Ryan
Jack Scrimshaw
Shaun Atley

Pretty easy to select keepers when 3 of you FCFC players retire or get delisted.


Thanks mate. Forgot I got him.

I dropped Guelfi from my previous list for Broadbent.


Excellent. I’ve got keepers for everybody bar @wimmera1.

If anybody has a player they would like to nominate as a LTI, nominate them here please. The cut-off to receive an end-of-draft compensation pick is the start of the Round 8 (Pick 126).


Right. Sorry.
Will post in a sec.


Doedee, Tom (B) 73 Ellis, Brandon (CB) 74 Sicily, James (B) 93
Kelly, Jake (B) 64 Lloyd, Jake (B) 101 May, Steven (B) 76
Curnow, Ed ( C ) 99 Ebert, Brad ( C ) 89 Kelly, Josh ( C ) 103
Jenkins, Josh (FR) 77 Ratugolea, Esava (FR) 49 Walters, Michael (FC) 80
Brown, Ben (F) 68 Franklin, Lance (F) 88 Hawkins, Tom (F) 87
Goldstein, Todd ( R ) 93 Phillips, Tom © 95 Seedsman, Paul (CB) 82
Shiels, Liam ( C ) 98 Shuey, Luke ( C )

Picks 91, 104, 121, 131, 142, 151, 154, 156, 162, 165

Hipwood, Eric (F) 56
Henderson, Ricky © 88
Gardiner, Darcy (B) 60
#Ellis-Yolmen, Cam ( C ) 82
Gray, Sam (F) 67
Hartung, Billy © 67
Lonie, Jack (F) 65
Marshall, Todd (F) 47
Moore, Darcy (F) 42
Naish, Patrick (CB)
Reid, Sam B. (F) 80


what time is the latest? might switch 2 positions around real quick?


LTI - Tom Mitchell.


LTI - Sam Docherty :cry:


Well, I’m going to HATE the first 77 picks of this draft, lol. My kingdom for a 1st or 2nd round pick…

There’s absolutely some names I want, but will any of them get through… tenterhooks time coming up.


10pm AEDST


LTI Tom Scully.


Awesome. Can you nominate them on UF for me mate - saves me having to manually enter them later on.