2019 FF Original discussion thread


I think I nominated my keepers but can’t check on my phone and won’t be home until around deadline.


Lti majak thanks


Does Ollie Wines qualify for LTI?


LTI Nicnat


LTI Harley Bennell please…

… He’s no longer on my list but I feel the need to continue the yearly tradition anyway.


Yep you’ve nominated your keepers mate and Brodie & SPP have also been allocated to your squad.


Sorry for being a dunce, but it won’t let me add them?
Says I have to wait for the draft and there’s no + sign.

Edit: Do I just set pre-draft rankings for them?


LTI for Lever please


@fogdog - I think he is under 8 weeks away, but I’ll get back to you definitely tomorrow once I’ve checked his latest return date.

All other LTI requests are approved.


Just checked and it’ll let me change my keepers. Are you in the nominate keepers section (nominate keeper player on league page or nominate keepers under the draft heading)? Cos it sounds like you’re trying to do it from the player page if you’re talking about + signs. There is a box next to each player in the nominate keeper section that you select to keep guys.

EDIT: Don’t stress though, its pretty easy for me to add them manually.



I’m such an idiot.


Thank-you everybody for getting their keepers in by the deadline this year - first year I can remember not having to chase anybody up. The spreadsheets will be distributed a little after the promised release time, but they’ll be out before 1am.

In the meantime, the UF Player Section is browsable with available players until the spreadsheet is released.


Great work Dunners. I know you’ve stepped back a bit but your contribution is still significant and our comp wouldn’t be so great without your effort. Thanks.


Here farking here.


Spreadsheet away

EDIT: The draft thread is now open, @Crazy_Bomber can kick the draft off whenever he wishes
EDIT #2: Missed including Jarrod Cameron’s DOB - if you’re someone that uses the age column, you can unhide C column and enter it: 3rd of May 2000


I’ve already marked Walsh as red on my spreadsheet.


Great work as per usual Nate.

Does anyone else love this time of year as much as me? I luuuurrrrvvvvvvv the draft


Do we need a draft discussion thread or just post in here?


Great job with xls sheet. It looks damn good.


dumbass question of the day.

How come some teams have their keepers in round 11, but others have them in round 1?