2019 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


Keep all your draft related talk in here.

Draft thread is here to take your picks: 2019 FF Original Draft Order

Draft is already underway with myself taking Sam Walsh with pick 1 and Jefferson taking Bailey Smith with pick 2. @Alber_Goodthur now has his first of many round 1 picks, with his first selection at number 3 up.

2019 FF Original discussion thread

odds were probably low on the first two picks, though i may have looked at someone else with #2.


Please slide, please slide. Oh god please slide!!


oh, and congrats to both Craze and Jefferson. Should be two certified FF blue-chip picks right there.


Thanks Sal, some really good options early up. Changed my mind mid week, but would have been happy either way.


To be honest you can’t go wrong with any early pick.

And cheers @saladin, let’s be honest Sam Walsh is one of the safest gun picks you could take, he’s just a lock for the next decade. I reckon my list is probably an advanced stage of what yours can be, I was winning premierships/top 4 for almost a decade but aging players finally got me and I’ve tried to turn it around the last few years. Trading Franklin and Shuey was a difficult decision but necessary but I finish my drafting at 70 odd before you even start.


Rankine is one that I think will become an absolute AFL and FF superstar.


I don’t like having the next pick after you.


I’m hoping so. was very surprised he was still there


Yeah, I’d have liked to have been able to trade some picks in, but such is life. Very very interesting season coming up for my squad.

And it’s depressing that you finish before I even start, lol. Most likely the eyes are picked out of my draft lists by a very savvy group of coaches before my first selection.

On the flip side, there’s no doubt Wob made late picks work for his list. But this list is now creakingly old across the board. There was only one player on it under 27 years old. Literally half the list are probably in their final seasons. Next year’s “20” may be extremely difficult to fill.

If it all clicks we may score quite well, but it’ll be a miracle imo.

Anyway, let’s see how it goes. Only 74 picks for someone to “slide through” now!


Aren’t you “Mr Draft Picks Are Overrated”? I am sure historically you were never really a fan, but if you get an early pick right you could/should have a gun player for the next decade. To me the difficulty is getting the right player as you pointed out there were a lot of really good players available this year.


Absolutely I am but I’ve always been it depends on the state of your list. My list was historically strong so ditching a top 2 position and sacrificing talent for picks didn’t suit my strategy. I finished 3rd last last year so holding onto Franklin didn’t really make sense for example. I definitely wouldn’t have done that had I finished 3rd.


It’s the luck of the draft year.
My draft haul from when I was terrible was:

  • Daniel Rich. That was a bad FF draft year.
  • Jack Trengove. Was good up until his injuries. Dustin Martin was the pick of the draft, but Richmond were the basket case that Carlton continue to be at the time.
  • Mitch Wallis. Gaff and Heppell were gone. Liber the only other one at the time. That was the Gold Coast draft.
  • Brandon Ellis and Marty Clarke. The GWS draft. Outside of the GWS guys and Tom Mitchell, that was a bad draft. Marty Clarke was a terrible choice. Brandon was okay until I turned him into Beams.
  • Jack Viney. Best pick of the lot, but he’s bit underwhelming overall.

I usually get more value from free agent pickups and late draft picks.


Wait! Albert has 7 of the first 19!!? :astonished:

FF version of the GC /GWS drafts!


Fwiw I’m happy to receive text messages to let me know when I’m up.


I am away this long weekend, so happy to receive text messages/notifications


I’ll be a to work all week, which means I’ll be on blitz all week. No need for a message.


I’m happy to help text, but have no numbers. I’m not sure who has @topdon 's number as he is overseas tho?


I was bored and had half hour to spare so I started compiling a ranking order on UF.

Spent about 10 minutes looking for a player who it turns out was on someone’s keeper list, lol. Yeah, i’m good at this…


Someone selects a player on another team’s list every year.