2019 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


Thought as much.

FWIW I do plenty of research on the players I select, but wasn’t accoss the news he did his ACL last month.


It has been pointed out to me that people might’ve been interested in some of those names I named last night. In the event you want to draft one (for them) - just clarify that that is what you’re doing.

For those playing along at home - today’s unexpected additions:
Sam Rowe returns with his B status
Jay Lockhart - C


Did I !? Lmfao.

Just shows the difficulty of tracking/recalling what’s going on, lol. Especially between jobs on the road.

I read your post this morning and I think subconsciously decided the three players named were available.

My bad. My fault. Moving on.


I’ll be working on a couple of team drafting reviews over the next week or so.

Oh and I nearly forgot the questionnaire. I’ll shoot that out tonight.


If I need to do a questionnaire I’ll need to see it. If Wob has already done it, excellent.


Which in my case will be Sam Fletcher Gold Coast.

2019 FF Original Draft Order

It’ll be all yours to fill out as It hasn’t been distributed yet. It is similar in nature to the one the AFL’s captains do pre-season but with a mixture of AFL & Fantasy questions - expected GF competitors, Spoon Winner, who makes the 8, most improved from your side, which coach ought to be under the media spotlight etc. Under Craze’s tenure there was also an eclectic mix of extra questions like the Bjork inspired year.

@wezza - Roberton confirmed.


Yeah gunna skip that. Most people leave that blank anyway.


Draft done… well LTI to go, but feel free to rip my draft/team to shreds guys.

5.1 (73) Max King SK - F

  • Yep, I know he is out for another 6-12 weeks, but he’s running which is a good start. Extremely talented, JD like. Happy to hold and see how he progresses during the second half of the year. If he scores well, per min, or shows signs of being a good player will keep.

5.14 (86) Kieren Briggs GWS - R,F

  • U18 AA ruckman, smashed it in DT-wise, been under the tutelage of Mumford. Needed to start long-term planning for Stef Martin. Hoping he gets 2-3 games this year. H-McKay going in a back-up ruck.

6.17 (107) Ben Long SK - F

  • Part of Saints leadership group, was doing extremely well prior to getting injured last year. They’ve also said he will get more midfield time this year.

Surprise surprise, my top 5 from pick 40 for pick 73 were King, Briggs, C Cameron, Long, Sturt - happy with the targets we had.

7.16 (124) Phil Davis GWS - B

  • Redrafted him, great back depth and has some bigger games. Solid 60s for sure.

7.18 (126) Jarrod Brander WC - B,F

  • Stole him from wimm. Not sure how many games he will get, but aiming for 8-12 games, played upforward and further up the ground during JLT2. Looked very good.

8.12 (138) Daniel Lloyd GWS - F

  • Solid JLT series for him, hoping for him to cement the the HFF/F role and imrpove on last year. Was looking at Daniels, Wezza snapped him up but Lloyd has had the better form.

8.13 (139) Easton Wood WB - B

  • Drafted based on his form prior to injury last year, he did relatively well until his high-grade hamstring tear. Will be back depth but hoping for him to build on that pre injury form.

8.18 (144) Heath Grundy SY - B

  • Had him for something like 3 out of the last 4 years. Solid back depth, potentially his last season and he is losing a step but played very well in JLT2.

9.6 (150) Ben Jacobs NM - C

  • Looked for centre depth here. Jacobs was solid last year tagging for North. Hasn’t been seen this preseason, but hoping he returns for round 1, no love lost if he is still missing but okay value.

10.10 (172) Sam Taylor GWS - B

  • Good form in JLT, second year player, slight upside and was impressed with his intercept marking. Thought it would be worth a flyer this late.

It hurts our Premiership chances a great deal having lost Mitchell for the season, however, his back-up Dan Howe should be good to go for round 1. We will also be missing Gaff until round 3. We definitely are a little weaker this year but with a few newer players like Howe, Ainsworth and Long, we feel like we can compete.

Whoever is playing me the first two rounds is a good chance to win.

Likely round 1 team

B: Z Jones, Davis, Wood
HB: Whitfield, Yeo, L Weller
C: Howe, Danger, Bont
HF: Long, H McKay, Ainsworth
F: SPS, Rayner, Lloyd
R: Martin, Fisher, Petracca
INT: Grundy, Nash, Brander

Unavailable: Gaff, Mitchell, King

Unknown: Greenwood, WHE, Coffield, Jacobs, Briggs

Best 22

B: Z Jones, Davis, Wood
HB: Whitfield, Yeo, L Weller
C: Petracca, Danger, Bont
HF: Long, H McKay, Ainsworth
F: SPS, Rayner, Greenwood
R: Martin, Fisher, Gaff
INT: Grundy, Howe, WHE, Jacobs

Depth: Lloyd, Nash

Prospects: Brander, King, Briggs, Coffield

Unavailable: Mitchell

This was my “big” trade last season with Alber Goodthur, not sure how I feel…

IN: Ben Ainsworth and Max King, Jonathan Brander, Heath Grundy, and 163 (out)

OUT: Reece Conca, Brandon Starcevich and Jordan Roughhead, Matt Guelfi, Mark Hutchings and 53 (out)


1.7 (7) Jordan Clark GE - B

  • LOVE this pick! Back elegible player, likely to get games and decent scorer. It’s as close to a home-run as you can get. Not sure why he didn’t go earlier.

2.3 (21) Ned McHenry AD - C,F

  • Don’t love the pick but I can see why you went down this route. I would have gone down the Cousins/West/Sprarrow route. I don’t see him playing much this season and more of a project, plus there were better players available.

2.7 (25) Anthony Miles GC - C

  • Not a fan of the pick. Yes, GC need vetran midfielders and he’s a great accumulator. Just don’t see him playing too many games as the season goes on and he gets pushed out by quality players. But can see why you went down this route.

3.7 (43) Willie Rioli WC - F

  • LOVE it, again. No idea, how he didn’t make a keeper list. Very good player and high upside.

4.1 (55) Ben Cavarra WB - C,F

  • Good. Some upside, will get games and can score pretty well. Would’ve made the same pick.

4.7 (61) Taylor Walker AD - F

  • Very good value for on field or depth. Best 22, averages at least 70. Could bump up to 80, after the Crows had a ■■■■ '18. Like it.

6.7 (97) Taylor Duryea WB - B

  • Understandable if you needed back depth. Not sure if he will play all games though. May have gone down a different route, as I did look him up as well but opted against drafting him.

7.7 (115) Karl Amon PA - C,F

  • May get some games early with their injuries but isn’t a world beater. Handy depth, may have gone differently as he isn’t a very good player.

8.6 (132) Sam Day GC - R,F

  • Great value, especially being a back-up ruck elegible player plus will play all 22 games.

8.8 (134) Tom Joyce BL - C

  • Good project pick!

Solid A-/B+: really liked a few of your picks, overall you smashed some and got great value for others.

I think you’re a top 8 team this season. Good luck but not against me! :wink:


Looks a very solid and sustainable squad with a core of some diamond quality as well, AS.


If anyone else wants a quick, dirty review - I’ll do it tonight! :smile:


Thanks for the review. I’ll have a go at yours in the next few days if I have time.


We’re done?

Great job everyone (except the idiot who drafted the wrong player :crazy_face: ). Now to go and evaluate the list and wonder why the hell I chose what I chose.

Detailed writeup coming soonish.


I welcome any reviews and will return the favour.




I thought I was taking over?


Jks you’re doing it man. I meant watch yourself if you be bad mouthin’ Bjork.


Ohhhh. I couldn’t badmouth Bjork cause I’m not sure who that is to begin with


In unrelated news, Vandrs has stepped down as coach from the league. He will be missed.