2019 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


@Blummers32 is up


And thanks again for taking the player 1st on my list…

Gimme 30 mins.


ha. sorry mate!


Surprised Watson lasted that long. May struggle to break into the team but looked great in JLT1


Couldn’t ignore Ethan Hughes JLT form.
Should play round 1 and is a defender.

At worst, he helps me fill my 22 in round 1.


Not sure who he replaces in that side either to be honest.


It’ll be a horses for courses thing.
If they don’t need a lockdown small defender, they can switch out Cole for Watson.
If Jetta gets injured or loses form, Watson is a monty to take his spot.


I figured he wasn’t best 22 now, but will probably be emergency at worst r1.


Was definitely taking Watson with my next pick. He is a risk worth taking


When does the Ruck rush start?


Took a few mins for my pick but happy with both: Battle and Banfield. Think I’ve found a good mix between youth and experience this draft.


Battle was on my list for around here.
It just depended on whether I was going to lean towards a forward or a defender.

He looked semi decent in JLT2 so maybe he will find a decent spot for himself in the Saints backline.


Well based off JLT form he should be both as he switches between the two and I think he’s a very good chance for Round 1.


All Black, Fogdog and Neela go BANG on my hopeful sliders.


Sweet mother of God, my lists and makeshift strategies are out the door , fog and dunners still have another pick to further ruin things, and i’m still yet to make my first pick, let alone find 10 players! Lol.


:joy: you’re definitely taking the next guy on my list with one of your next three picks. guarantee it.


I’ve set 8 contingencies so that if my pick comes up overnight, I won’t hold up the draft.


I was specifically going to pick up Rance so that I wouldn’t have someone try and flog him off to me twice a year anymore.




Interested in Rance?