2019 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


Well, it’s not quite Og, Unkobor or Atu Bosenavulagi.

But Quinton Narkle is not exactly Joe Smith.



Oh, and on Feb 11 when I first looked at the list and the position of draft picks, Quinton was about the first one I investigated to see how likely he was to be a Keeper. I wasn’t sure if Wez would cut him. But in my notes I have “Look for Narkle”. So in a sense, he was first option. Hopefully he delivers.

Geelong have talked him up as a clearance option for them. If they park him forward then I won’t get a lot from him. But if he starts to attend centre bounces as part of their second rotation then imo he’ll score well, especially if 6/6/6 results in an extra second or two of clear air. It’s a tough midfield to break into, but he certainly offers something a bit different from most of their mids.

I need to un-age this list a bit for my own interest, but also find players that can keep the old guys competitive to justify Wobs course. I think he fits that bill.

Only 21 years old, huge upside (imo) ,dual position and 60/40 job security (imo) . Happy with my start. Welcome aboard, Quinton.

If anyone’s interested, I had Venables, Francis Watson, Matt Parker and Banfield scribbled down (amongst others) when we got within one round of my pick.

Gets even tougher from here though.


I don’t have a contact number for @Crazy_Bomber anymore so hopefully he sees it’s his pick soon before the international coaches go to bed.


I should be around as I am looking after a sick little boy, so if I am not at my computer I am not likely to be far away.


I’ll be on the road a bit this morning for work , but shouldn’t hold things up too long for my next. As long as they aren’t selected prior!

BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion

Narkle was a very last minute delisting.

TOG of 39% in JLT2 meant to me that he probably was overtaken by Miers/Atkins as a pressure forward.

I had him in my keepers, but after his game against Essendon I swapped him for Wil Powell (Sorry @Awesome_Scotty )


Yeah, I don’t think they view him as the pressure forward and neither do I. May still be a year early but I think he’ll make it up around the stoppages. They’re pushing him hard. Has had 30+ possies in VFL games so he can find it. Time will tell, I guess.


I had him locked and loaded as a keeper with the assumption that he was going to see more midfield time (had a very generous trade offer for him in offseason too that I rejected), but I just got spooked.

I intended to re-draft, but I forgot that you were in this league and was a fan.

It’s funny how attached to players we get. I’ve got a few players that are on the squad on league 1 and 2 also.


haha I honestly thought he was available until yesterday when I saw Powell on your keepers!


Anyone texted Crazy?


Yes, but he can only pick on his work breaks. Thought he may’ve left a c given there was only 1 pick before his, but that’s life.


All good :slight_smile: just checking in


@Windy_Dill is up


Literal response to seeing the selection, and then the other two selections…


Sigh, I was fairly resigned to what was going to happen once I saw Blummers had a pick before me. Ah well, I make that same mistake almost every year of not strategically reversing my final 2 picks.


I really hoped to pick Hind and I thought he would be available, @Windy_Dill, get stuffed.


Oh, look.
A name that doesn’t have a dash next to it on my spreadsheet.


At the rate my guys on my list are dropping I’ll be happy to take Nathan Brown


Unless AB takes 2 or 3 guys with his next pick, I will get someone I was hoping for. Hind would have been the one I took though.


I thought you’d take him earlier.
I only took Brown because saladin took Narkle.
And my options past Brown weren’t anywhere near as in form as he was.

Defenders are a little scarce so I’d prefer to go with an upside forward (who can also pinch hit in midfield if required) for a stable but average scoring defender.
I’m surprised there has been no rush for stable backup ruckmen.