2019 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


I had a list of 3. 5 picks later and they were all gone. Will give Lin Jongs hammy a few weeks. If it comes good then he is handy depth.


You prick, MB.


@The_Mad_Bomber1 you’re back on


Well…he might slide…
Nek minute.

I’ve had two overnights.
I’m going to try to take a very little nap.


Nah, my first 3 picks might get some games this season, but won’t be regulars and then Tom Berry being still there was too good to ignore, so I had already half a bench (those 4 + Cummings) who might get some games, but will largely be state leaguers. So I was locked into selecting best 22 for the last 4 with the exception of potentially gambling with a fringe pick with my last. Whilst Cal is promising he isn’t best 22 and with Stephenson and DeGoey likely back for Rd 1 and Sier an unknown, he may yet not even make their Rd 1 side.


I lost track of how many Forwards I’d drafted so far. D’oh!!


Had Finlayson on my list, but taken by Crunchas the pick prior. So have gone with Josh Daicos. He is on the upswing and should build upon his 10 games in 2019. Picked up a 104 in Round 18 last year, so could be a bolter. Hard to pass up on.


Holy **** @fogdog is killing it! haha


We’re on hold till 6ish now :slight_smile:


I would nearly swap you for Geary. Was probably my most unlucky delistee. On numbers he probably should not have been cut. Finlayson started off last season really well, hoping he can go onwards and upwards from there.


Yeah Charlie is a good pick. Had him on my shortlist.


Well that wasn’t worth getting up for.


Underway again


Meh, plodder. But should get games and hopefully recapture some of his early career form if played in the backline.


If anyone needs me I will (hopefully) be on ESO if anyone here plays ESO, search for @Durndy.


I’m picking now


@Blummers32 fire away


Not nice taking that player Wezza.


Am around. Just give me 30 mins.


Apologies fellas.
Duryea was my number 1 C and the next three had turned up on the injury list.
McStay looks to be played in the forward line which should help his scores and he’s a B.
Having said that, he’s likely to be my first player dropped through FA.