2019 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


there goes another one on the list. Thanks Blummers. lol.


He wasn’t on my list at all.
But I needed a defender somewhere for round 1.
The other options were good but speculative and not really a priority.

I don’t see him averaging much more than 70 at best. More likely he averages 55 to 60 and is thrown on the FA scrap heap at sometime during the season.


There’s always a nice fuzzy feeling when someone is upset about the player you just drafted. Nice bit of validation.


I’ve had none of those - excellent drafting haha


Who is Saracens?


@saladin (?)




@Dunlop @fogdog @Crazy_Bomber

Out of interest…
What happens to the late signings by the teams that are signed before tomorrow’s deadline?
Doubt any player will be of interest, but will they end up on UF? Do we take them here instead? Do we hold on and only offer them to coaches LTI replacements?


Mummy lasted a really long time, I was a bit surprised how long to be honest.


Nice pick with Will Hayes. Looks a DTer so if he gets games, he’ll be good.
I was looking to take him with pick 99, 109 or 117 but I had other priorities.
Think he’ll be good for you.


Been amazing how long Mumford sat there. Will average 85-95 this year and play most weeks


Yep, all depends on whether he gets a game.

It’s sounding more and more likely that Picken will retire so he won’t be far off the 22, if not in it.


I decided that I just couldn’t justify another old bloke with my early picks.


I had two rucks on my list so…eh.


The other league is crushing their draft!


My drafting is done. Much different tactics this year!


LTI application for Liam Picken please, @Dunlop . Reckon the poor bloke is cooked.


Done. Was surprised when you kept him honestly, given he is still symptomatic.

A reminder to everybody else - the cut-off for LTI nominations to receive an end-of-draft compensation pick is the end of Round 7 (so 12 more picks). So if you’ve got a nomination or anybody you think might be eligible and you want clarification, get them in quickly.


I’ll pick shortly. Had some meetings this morning.


Underway again