2019 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


I’m not going to weigh in on the key central issue of whether McLean and any others are draftable as head management might have a differing opinion, but I can answer the minor question:

Will they end up on UF? Yes, Gibbons, Cottrell and Stack were already in the draft pool at the start of the draft, so Hayden McLean and anybody else signed will end up on UF - though I don’t have any timeline as to when that’ll be besides before Rd 1.

Btw, for anybody wondering:
Hayden McLean will be a FR


Yeah, I was down to just 25 possible players anyway, and figured I was no worse off hanging on to him for a few weeks over someone like Butler either way.


{ taps hands against pockets}
Me: Ummmm, did you guys see my list? I swear I left it around here somewhere.


Reckon he might retire this week.


Absolutely they’re draftable. If they’re not on UF and you want them, call it out on here, then skip your pick in the draft and we can add them to your list when the newbies are added to UF. That way the draft isn’t held up. Does that make sense?


Yep, that seems to be the consensus.


Out of curiosity how do you skip a pick without going to the end of your time and doing skip pick?


I’ve gone a bit off script the last two picks.
I was looking to use picks 147 and 158 on players like McFayden and Wilkie, but saladin’s drafting has made me lean towards taking them earlier than expected.

I had McFayden listed as top 15 to 20 before NAB draft last year, but him being picked later and then having a restricted pre-season meant he wasn’t a priority. I rate him highly and think he could be a good player to hold on to for the time being. He’s also now off the injury list so he might get games early in the season once his fitness base is set.

Wilkie has had limited JLT exposure. I think there is a spot for him in round 1 if Roberton doesn’t get up, but the doubt is that he’s barely played more than half the game. His SANFL form last year was very good and I love that left foot of his. Very good decision maker and can clunk them as well.

With two more picks to go, I can probably afford to go speculative at one of those picks if I want to, but will most likely take an established back or forward. A ruckman is still a possibility, but we’ll see how we go.



Not really knowing how this League drafts or the state of other lists, I was stressing on that pick a bit. Was worried I may have stuffed the order up. Was a long 17 picks to wait, especially with the overnight holdup.

Ross may not have a lot of value to other teams at this point in the draft. Not sure. But for where my list is -and more specifically is inevitably heading in 12 months- once Graham was taken, and with Rowbottom long gone, I was watching Ross from a long way out. No way could I let him through any further. And whilst Richmond is a tough side to break into, he looked very capable in the JLT and may not be that far down the pecking order.


I’m finding myself saying “Who?” a lot more with these later picks


Ross is a good pick.
He was on my list to consider as a late pick but once Scott got taken and I took Bewley I realised I probably couldn’t take another C unless Viney was unlikely to play in round 1.

I haven’t looked at your list, but you’ve drafted with a long term outlook. For memory wob’s list was very old so it needed it. You may be able to get some good trade value at the midseason trade period as there’s usually some times trying to top up their depth and push for a finals run.

I didn’t think Woodcock would go where you took him but he’s a great pick if you can afford to be patient.
I like the Will Hayes pick a lot too.
Those two and Ross were in a group of players for my speculative picks to take with my last two picks. Rowbottom and Golds were there as well. I didn’t want to take average players now and be stuck with another two if the speculative picks were all taken.

There’s still a few speculative picks left I’m interested in, but it’s no longer a priority.


ha! On the principle that no publicity is worse than bad publicity, at least I’ve had some sort of effect on the comp. I guess.


Anyone know where AB is? I am hoping to have a nap but I will try and hold off until I have had my pick.


Paging @Allblack. Come in Doctor Allblack. Please report to the drafting theatre.


Was curious to see if/when Menzel was picked up.


goddamnit, who gave MB my spreadsheet?


OH, GET ■■■■■■.


Preuss? lol




I was this close to holding off on getting him on my next pick thinking he may slide.

Haha, you’ll prolly get #2 on my list for my past pick.