2019 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


Doubt it.
I’ll probably go safe next now.


You’ve gotta laugh, haven’t you.


I didn’t think Walker was on anyone’s radar. Nice pick @topdon. Averaged over 80 for the last five rounds of last year and solid in JLT. Tossed up between him and Lester and which order to try and get them.


I would have gone Pruess if Mumford wasn’t there. But he was looking at me every time I made a pick so I had to take him.


@topdon’s last pick and then we should be able to run through a few picks till 146.

7pm over there so we should be good :slight_smile:


Like the Himmelburg selection. Kid can play.


I dropped him before the draft and ended up picking him up again :joy:


I should be around for my last 2 picks unless I spit the dummy when my players keep getting pinched right before my eyes!!


Seems like someone that will play most weeks and will get a bit of space around Buddy.


I was sweating on you or Blummers taking Lonie, I am genuinely surprised he lasted till I could take him. Especially with how he finished last year, JLT1 and the possibilty he could have an increased midfield role at the aints with some of the troubles they are having etc.


Yep, he’s my typical Wright, Henderson pick.
Scores well. No-one likes them.


I’m gonna have a nap.


I’m going crosseyed looking over the spreadsheet and re-looking over spreadsheet in case i missed someone, while waiting for @topdon to make his pick.


If you take Nathan Brown before me @wezza I’ll be so ■■■■■■!!


Lonie and Sam Wright were in the mix with my last two picks until I decided to go speculative.
I knew full well that they wouldn’t be available at my next two picks.

Lonie should be good if Billings and/or Gresham end up playing more midfield.
I don’t think Lonie is damaging enough to be an AFL midfielder.


Where did @topdon go?


Still a little bit of gold sprinkled through the players left


Present! :open_mouth:

Sam Wright was my autopick and he was taken the pick before, so needed a re-think. Needed one more B, and went with Scott Thompson. He lays almost every game and I see him as an upgrade on Baguley (who i delisted). Needed experience. Average Age = 24.9

I’m done. Overall, i’m quite satisfied with my picks.


Hope the wind changed and you stayed like that! :rofl:


Wake up @wimmera1 !