2019 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


Had Sam Wright as my likely selection too, but saw he was injured and unlikely for R1 so gambled that he would be there later. He can be a decent scorer.

Wright won a final for Dunlop against me with a big last quarter in the final game of the round. I’m still bitter about it.


There’s only 2 people I want for my last 2 picks. If 1 gets taken I’ll spew up!!


LOL. Was planning on taking Wright with the Tarrant pick before I found he’d gotten himself injured, solely to put out a press release stating that Gwilty would finally be avenged this season - Sam Wright had returned to the Seagulls and you’d be paralysed with fear.


And i’m now done. I doubt @Awesome_Scotty is still up though.


Fair enough.
Any idea what time we’re looking at?


Well don’t I feel like a goose for bringing this to the Storm game now…


My forensic team is analyzing this


I’m a little concerned what the raspberry vodka cruisers are going to do to Wimm’s drafting.


That’d be Mrs Wim. Mine was a blood orange Schweppes.


he’s picked, so you’re still on! @Allblack is up.


@wimmera1 take a break from the NRL pls


I would like to draft Jonathon Marsh from St Kilda. Not on UF yet.


Draft Tom Bugg, and the league comish can fix it later. So the draft can continue :slight_smile:


You are Mitcham Marvels aren’t you? If so then maybe this is something you can do to keep the draft going?


Draft Tom Bugg and @fogdog @dunlop @crazy bomber can fix it later


No worries, drafted Bugg. Sorry for the holdup.


I was about to say Tom Bugg retired.
Maybe we should choose the next player for the top up.

I nominate…
Dylan Buckley. Ex Fark Carlton player that wouldn’t be in the league at all if it weren’t for Silvagni’s relationship with GWS.


Will Langford retired too didn’t he?


Luke Lavender?


Can we replace him, Fog? He was a Cat B from memory I think.