2019 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


Ah crap. Sorry guys, I thought I’d posted this earlier, but it was still sitting in an unclosed browser window. Would’ve saved the hold-up…

For the curious the positions of the latest recruits are:
Ned Reeves - R
Jonathon Marsh - B
Hayden McLean (announced earlier) - FR

In the event Sam Fletcher gets signed tomorrow, he’ll be a C, just in case anybody wants him and the announcement is made whilst I’m off-line.

From a UF perspective, you can’t skip your own pick, so you’ll need to select Luke Lavender, Tom Bugg or anybody else on the below list - these are B List Rookies (International or 3 Year Rule Recruits) that won’t be on anybody’s draft list:

  • Austin Bradtke
  • Guy Walker
  • GWS’s Callum Brown
  • Red Og Murphy
  • Patrick Bines
  • Brodie Riach
  • James Madden
  • Matt Owies
  • Mark Keane
  • Anton Tohill
  • Stefan Okunbor

They’ll be replaced with your chosen SPP player once UF has added them.

LTI Replacement Round

  • Once the draft has concluded on UF, the draft reverts back here for the LTI picks.
  • Once it is your selection, nominate your replacement player in the draft thread - I’ll add them to your squad once I’ve opened up the extra 2 LTI slots on UF.
  • Normal Draft Time Limits Apply

Warning: Do not take the pick on UF and think that will constitute having made your selection. Post-draft UF often automatically sets all remaining players to waivers, meaning even if I’ve reconfigured the league so teams have the 2 LTI spots, it will not show up on the system for 3 days.


Nice pick, Blummers.


Obviously too late for another draft pick since we’re into round 9, but can i please LTI Roberton @Dunlop ?


Good pickup with Mckernan. Have been trying to ignore him and had given up. He was going to be my next pick


I thought he’d be next picked after the Joey news.


Lol I’ve taken barely any prospects this year, it’s like a first!


I’m still not even 100% clear on who’s coaching which teams, let alone which players have gone where!


Myrmidons – Alber Goodthur
Mitcham Marvels – Jefferson
Knights of Columbus – Crazy Bomber
topdon’s topdonkeys – topdon
Sunbury Seagulls – Dunlop
Stop! Hammertown – You Shall Be Smoten
The Flying Dutchmen – Vandrs
Trust The Process – Wezza
PanLickingScammers – Blummers32
Windy Dill FC – Windy Dill
Fogtrotters – Fogdog
Saracens 1 – Saladin
Excitement Machines – Stoops
Pimpinio Tigers – Wimm
All Blacks – Allblack
Mildura Crunchas – Mad Bomber
Temple of Bont – Awesome Scotty
GisborneObliterators – Fudge


It’s also on the UF League home page


Can I delist Harrison Wigg (ACL) immediately and take a pick at the end of the draft or do I need to wait for FA?


I completely forgot about McKernan being available. But I needed a defender after taking Curtis Taylor.

Broad was one of the few semi decent defenders left who is playing round one.
He seems to have the odd good game.
Will likely end up on the FA scrapheap.


The Dutchmens Draft Review

Kinda, sorta hand a plan going in. Pick 2 of the best available rookies with my first 2 picks and then try to get players that should be best 22 each week as to have plenty of cover across the season. In previous years I’ve been to speculative with my picks and my lack of depth has hurt me. Hopefully we have address that going into the 2019 season.

Pick 7 – Jordan Clark (GEL) – Looks to be a very confident defender in only 2 JLT games. He should see plenty of game time this year and hopefully build into one of the best backs in the comp during his career. Also considered Chayce Jones but Clark’s B status got him the nod.

Pick 21 – Ned McHenry (ADE) – Took the next highest ranked draftee. A bit undersized but seems like a fierce competitor. May not see much action this year but may sneak in a few games. Absolutely loves a tackle!! Also considered Ely Smith but some prick took him 1 pick before!! James Cousin was also in the mix.

Pick 25 – Anthony Miles (GCS) – Now I needed to address our depth. Miles should be in the suns best 22 every week. Their midfield is pathetic and hopefully Miles can recapture some of his early career scoring.

Pick 43 – Willie Rioli (WCE) – Another best 22 player. His 2nd JLT game score of 120 was too good to ignore, we won’t talk about the 44 in the first game though. With him and Liam “Flyin” Ryan we will give teams nightmares in the forward line. Also considered Darcy Moore and Ed Phillips.

Pick 55 – Ben Cavarra (WBD) – Went a little of track here but by all reports Cavarra will play Round 1 for the dogs and hopefully be a mainstay in a very weak dogs forward line. Be very nice if he can emulate what Dahlhaus did in previous years.

Pick 61 – Taylor Walker (ADE) – He’ll either be good depth or become a starter for us. Hopefully with Sloane has his co-captain he may be freed up from responsibility and return to some of his old scoring.

Pick 97 – Taylor Durea (WBD) – Another best 22 player, or I hope. Looks like he’ll be played out of the backline where he does his best scoring.

Pick 115 – Karl Amon (POR) – Ok, so our old ways snuck back in here. Still only 23 years old and hopefully has his best footy ahead of him. Played solid in the JLT and with Wingard departing there is a spot as a high half forward for him in ports side if he’s hungry enough.

Pick 132- Sam Day (GCS) – We needed a backup ruck. I was a bit surprised when I saw Day was a FR, but we’ll take it. He’s best 22 at least. Maybe he can find his way to backline for a bit which should improve his scoring.

Pick 134 – Tom Joyce (BRI) – My project pick of the draft. He’s another little fella but looks very composed and hard at the pill.

Pretty happy with the draft and the depth I should have for the season. For I think the first time I didn’t redraft a player from last year.

Predicted Round 1 Side

B: Jack Crisp – Aaron Francis – Brodie Smith

HB: Ryan Clarke – Harris Andrews – Adam Tomlinson

C: Stephen Coniglio – Anthony Miles – Devon Smith

HF: Taylor Walker – Jade Gresham – Tom Lynch

F: Liam Ryan – Orazio Fantasia – Willie Rioli

R: Toby Nankervis – Hugh McCluggage – Josh Thomas

EMG – Jordan Clark – Jackson Thurlow – Shaun Atley – Taylor Durea

BENCH : Taylor Adams – Ned McHenry – Ben Cavarra – Sam Day – Tom Joyce – Taylor Adams – Martin Gleeson – Jack Scrimshaw


You’ll have to wait till FA

EDIT: Good pick up by the way…idiot!!!


Still would’ve taken him ahead of most of the spuds you took.


you got me @wimmera1… haha didn’t think anyone would notice Gardiner!


Aaaand I’m done.


Haha, right after my draft is done, I will lay claim to @Windy_Dill first post-draft breakdown/review/destruction… and anyone else who is inclined to do so. I’ll return the favor accordingly :slight_smile:


My draft is done :ok_hand:t4:


Luke Lavender = Jonathon Marsh



Soz, I already nominated Marsh with Tom Bugg yesterday