2019 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


Jks you’re doing it man. I meant watch yourself if you be bad mouthin’ Bjork.


Ohhhh. I couldn’t badmouth Bjork cause I’m not sure who that is to begin with


In unrelated news, Vandrs has stepped down as coach from the league. He will be missed.


2019 Mildura Crunchas Draftees:
Pick 88. Mad Bomber – Sam Collins (Gold Coast)

Pick 93. Mad Bomber – Jeremy Finlayson (GWS)
Pick 106. Mad Bomber – Ben King (Gold Coast)
Ben doing his best Andy Lee impression.

Pick 123. Mad Bomber – Jack Lonie (St Kilda )Welcome back to the Crunchas!

Pick 141. Mad Bomber - Gary Rohan (Geelong)
Gary wanted to be reunited with Luke Parker at the Crunchas

Pick 154. Mad Bomber - Gryan Miers (Geelong)
Gryan having a Luke Dalhaus moment.
Pick 165. Mad Bomber - Billy Longer (St Kilda)
Billy still likes to point at aeroplanes!

Pick 172. Mad Bomber - C Brown/Sam Fletcher (Gold Coast)
Callum Brown did not pass the Crunchas medical. Is that a T-Rex like right arm or is it in fact “a baby’s arm holding an apple”?


Sam Fletcher being subdued by two opponents.

Pick 176. Mad Bomber - Bailey Rice (St Kilda)
The best thing I can say about Bailey is that he is not quite the looker that his father was.

Pick 179. Mad Bomber - Tim O’Brien (Hawthorn)
Looking very spiffy in his pretty dorkthorn uniform.


I will try and do my rationale for my picks soon.


@Windy_Dill’s time runs out at 11.25am tomorrow, @saladin you’re welcome to jump in from 11.26.


2.11 (29) Tom Sparrow ME - B,C

  • First pick, mid-round 2, high averaging prospect and back. Win!

2.12 (30) Michael Gibbons CA - C,F

  • Well versed in the lower leagues, champ. Great pick up if it translate at his height. Lots of upside and considering who was taken after, good pick. Especially for a crappy Carlton team.

3.16 (52) Nick Blakey SY - F

  • Top 10 pick, tall but plays like a midfielder, good risk around pick 50. I like it!

4.17 (71) Mark Blicavs GE - B,C

  • Solid backman depth, best 22, will average 60-70.

4.18 (72) Daniel Venables WC - C,F

  • Will take over the LeCras role and I think he’ll take the next step this season average 70ish.

5.5 (77) Will Golds HW - B,C

  • Calculated risk on a young back, on the rookie list but had a very strong JLT showing. If he gets games and fills, watch out.

5.17 (89) Matt Scharenberg CW - B

  • 3 knee consturctions but with the construct of your team, its a well advised risk for a 75+ averaging back.

6.5 (95) Charlie Cameron BL - F

  • Such a good value pick, prior to his injury last year, he was killing it. May not get as much with the development of players in Brisbane but solid 22 player.

6.12 (102) Shane Mumford GWS - R

  • Will average high scores and play most games to get him this late, bam!

7.5 (113) Brayden Ham ES - C,F

  • I have no idea!

Pretty good, I like your mix of prospects, depth and some older quality. You’ll definitely get a few keepers out of there or trade options. Have you as an early flag favourite (I think @Dunlop does too). I don’t think you could have played your hand any better with the draft (my least favourite was M Blicavs but understand you needed depth, which doesnt make it a bad pick at all!)


I thought Blicavs is about his most sensible pick.
He’s got other fun ones, we all like to draft the fun ones, but a lock 60-90 back as a back-up when you’re having a tilt…very nice.


Haha, like I said. He pretty much hit it out of the park, IF I had to fault one thing it would be that but as you said you can’t really :wink:

Close to a perfect draft with those picks and mixture of players, prospects and depth!


I’m perfectly capable of doing my own draft review.
Going in, my main thoughts were, ‘You have seven pure centres in your keepers, which is probably two too many. Forwards and Backs only.’
And, ‘Starting at #91, don’t waste too much time trying to find developing players.’

6.1 (91) S. Reid SY – F
I’d watched a few of my delistees get picked up before my first pick. Henderson, Moore, Hipwood. Was happy to pick Reid again. I believe he’ll be a consistent scorer. Just needs to stay on the park.

Picked ten before that I wanted: None
Picked ten after that I should have picked instead: Maybe Charlie Cameron.

6.14 (104) T. Atkins GE – C
Bugger. The dreaded case of ‘can’t believe he fell that far.’ Mature rookie, looked good in JLT. Likes a tackle. Might pick up another position. Want rather than need.

Picked ten before that I wanted: None
Picked ten after that I should have picked instead: Josh Walker?

7.13 (121) D. Mirra HW – B

Back on track. Another mature player with few AFL games. Seems to be pencilled in for round one. Not too tall, so should score well. Seems like a safe pick.
Picked ten before that I wanted: Considered Lonie and Sheridan.
Picked ten after that I should have picked instead: Brander, Lonie, Menzel, Wright.

8.5 (131) H. Taylor GE - B,F

BF is good. Need that sort of flexibility. Had a bad scoring year last year, but should be a decent back-up.

Picked ten before that I wanted: See above
Picked ten after that I should have picked instead: None.

8.16 (142) B. Ainsworth WC – C
Bugger. Slipped up again with the ‘can’t believe he’s available at this pick.’
Young inside mid who laid eight tackles in his first game. Chance for round one. Upside.

Picked ten before that I wanted: None
Picked ten after that I should have picked instead: Heath Grundy

9.7 (151) K. Jack SY - C,F

Very old player who should be best 22 and has upside. Wouldn’t have picked him as a pure C, but he’s a nice spec pick as a forward.

9.10 (154) S. Draper ES - R,F

Vanity pick. Unlikely to last the year. Silly.
Definitely should have gone with Broad here.

9.12 (156) S. McKernan ES - R,F
No-brainer once Daniher went down.

9.18 (162) D. Gardiner BL – B
Depth back. He goes okay.

10.3 (165) D. Joyce SK – B

The Irishman is a roughie. Seems to be playing a key position, which doesn’t bode well for his scoring, but I thought he was worth a punt this late. Ben Reid or even Frawley would have been a safer pick.

Looking back I’m happy with my selections. Only really annoyed about picking up Draper and missing Broad and Brander.
Not spectacular, but with my selections it was never going to be. I give myself a solid B-.


Just under an hour to go until Windy Dill’s time runs out, in the event he times out, he will be permitted to jump in and take his pick at any stage before the end of the LTI Section (like any other skipped pick).

If all 5 remaining LTI Replacement picks are taken before Dill makes a selection, he won’t get to name a replacement before Round 1, and will have to wait until foggy FAs.


Apologies for the delay. LTI section made in draft order thread.


So, first League #1 draft done and dusted.

I look back on my picks with a disconcerting amount of doubt. They’ll probably make zero sense to most other coaches , and absolutely no sense without some sort of context. So lets start with a little context.

I was greeted warmly to the league, which was very nice. But many of the messages were accompanied by themes along the lines of “good luck with your geriatrics”, or “interesting to see how you cope with the retirement village”. This didnt bode well. And then I looked at the list. And then at Wobs midseason trades and resultant picks. It all made perfect sense, and i could see that Wob had had a concerted crack at snagging one last flag tilt. Which was fine. Incidentally, i’ve no idea where he finished in the end. Looking at the ‘typical’ pick position, i’d guess 7th or 8th?

In any event, it seemed that the next step was inevitably over the cliff edge. I had just 25 players on the list, presumably due to retirements/afl delistings. I had just one single player under the age of 27. Just one! I wrote out a keeper list - Trav Colyer made it, which i’m still in shock at - much of which looks good in terms of names but undeniably and irretrievably old.

So i wrote myself a couple of rules. The first and prime was respect both the comp, and Wob’s intentions. There was no way i could just decide to pick up entirely speculative kids, hope to stumble on a couple for the future , accept plenty of donuts, finish at or near the bottom and start researching the 2020 draft crop. And the core of this side can still score well, its more their durability that concerned me, so i had to find a way to support Wobs boys.

Here’s a pic of my early look at what was coming up. February 11.

I scanned through every club’s list and noted some players of interest. In order to get some sort of balance between the now and the future, i tried to project which players might get games early, but be young enough to offer future value. At pick 78, the likes of Caldwell etc were never ever getting through. I had to wait and see who made keeper lists and who didnt.

What i did feel i had was some useful versatility. Plenty of dual-position options. But when i wrote out the keepers in a matchday layout, it was obvious that my forward line was reliant almost entirely on dual position fossils like Mundy and Deledio being able to push forward, and the coverage for my backs was a bit thin if Hooker had to play forward. Hmmm.

Anyway, by the draft arrival i’d settled in on a general plan, but with few fixed names.

I was looking for talent that would get some games, and some more or less best 22 players to cover off the inevitable injuries. But those players also needed to be youngish with upside. Because the key factor i was aware of was in the box at the bottom of the page - by the end of season, it was very likely that seven or eight key names in my side would be retired. That’s the key thing, the thing that everything i then tried to do had to fit around. How to get to the end of the season with a few new players that i actually WANT on the keeper list. Sure, the idea that i could trade out one or two might hold some weight. But to have to find replacements for the likes of Hodge, Lewis, Picken, Deledio, Burgoyne etc ? That’s not happening overnight. It had to start now. Without sacrificing this season to do it, without low picks to be sure of getting who and what i want and still trying to win as many games as possible.

And so, on to the picks.

Pick 78. Quinton Narkle. C/F

I’d been interested in Narkle from the moment i took over this squad, and was watching Wez’s posts closely for any hints as to his keeper list. Once he was in the pool, i thought he’d be a chance to get to 78. I’d also liked Cousins from day 1, but his JLT form made a slide impossible. Then Graham had a good second JLT match which meant he’d never get through. I also had Woodcock and Jack Ross in my thoughts here, but the draft didnt seem to be looking for 1st year players at that point, so i left them for later.

Narkle fitted my profile well. Young, lots of talent, a reasonable chance to play most weeks and a club that are trying to build him up for more time around the midfield stoppages. Covers both the now and beyond. Dual C/F helps out with selection depth. I was looking for him, i got him. No complaints.

Pick 83. Boyd Woodcock C/F

The first thing that struck me about my picks was how late they started. The second was how scattered they were. Pick 78 and then this one were the only time i had something outside the typical 18 pick cycle. That made it really tough to build a coherent strategy across several closely-linked picks. 78/83/101 was as close as i was going to get to a useful ‘cluster’. How to use it?

I’d decided that if i got what i wanted at 78, then this was the pick for 2020. I wanted someone for the future, if they play this year then great, but really its a longterm player to lock into the keeper list next january and see what we had in years two and three when most of my side has all passed into the footy afterlife. I’d zoned in on Woodcock very early as a possible survivor to this stage of the draft. Sanfl U18 numbers were great and he played some good footy in the Sanfl seniors, including a flag with North Adelaide, kicking three goals. Midfielder long term, handy forward already. May not get many games at Port this year, but i’ll cop that.

Pick 101. Will Hayes C

The final pick of the “cluster”. Trying to do two things here : find a player with good game prospects, and good scoring potential now and into 2020/2021. This may have been the only pick i took that wouldnt have WOB saying “stop stuffing my team”. I’m pleased with this pick, Hayes is only 23yo, his scoring in VFL is impeccable, has a gamestyle that i think Beveridge will use and should be a very solid option in my midfield in his own right, allowing Burgoyne etc to be used elsewhere. I’d had Venables as a roughy for this sort of pick, but Fog pounced on him in round 4. Hayes’ prospects probably rose a bit more with the unfortunate news on Morris’ knee injury. Should be just inside their best 22.

Pick 118. Jack Ross C

I was anxious about this pick, and really hoped that Ross would get through. Similar to the Woodcock pick, it’s largely with an eye on the future, but also similar to the Hayes pick in that i think he’s got a game thats ready for AFL now. His TAC averages dont look flash, but he was quiet early, missed the Championships and then smashed it late in the season to win the Chargers B&F. Also looked promising from limited time in the JLT, going at more or less 1 point per minute played. I think Richmond will give him a run in the early season. One for the future, but some chance to offer me hope sooner.

Pick 136 . Josh Schache F

What!? A young key forward? In FF!? Are you mad? Probably, yes. But hear me out. For starters, I think Schache is on the improve. I also think the Dogs midfield is starting to shape up again, and I’m expecting Schache’s average to climb. Most of all, with Boyd out for however long, I think Schache plays. And i needed a forward that would play. Every week. And with some upside. And who wasnt an old bugger. Again, if get to years end and i pick schache as a keeper over Colyer, then thats moving in the right direction. I’d actually been hoping a Darcy Moore or similar would be here, that would have solved two problems, I also had a note to watch out for Hopwood in my middle draft picks, but you lot simply drafted too well for my liking!

Pick 149. Jarrod Garlett C/F

I made a monumental blunder later in this draft, but even so, this is the pick that made me want to take a wash. Because i hate carlton. And Garlett is soft. And outside. But i swallowed my pride and took a risk on his recent move to half back. It just might work. I can see him being fed the ball and offering some rebound away from the back 50. Not sure how the position changes work in this league, but if Bolton persists i may have a B eligible player here too. High risk pick this one, but if i get lucky it transforms the backline a bit. I need him to play regularly and average 70+ . Both of those are highly fraught with danger.

Pick 160. Nick Shipley. C

I went off course a bit here, simply because i think this kid is too good a prospect for this position of the draft. But his job security is highly dubious. That said, he’s a ball magnet and punches out great numbers in the NEAFL week after week - averaging over 110 iirc - and for a 2nd year player thats no mean feat. I also found a NEAFL practice match report that suggested he dominated that game too. I’m not sure how far from GWS’s best 22 he is though, they keep adding top-10 draft picks to the list every year and Shipley may need to move clubs before we ever know if he’s a good AFL prospect or not. Hint hint, essendon. Speculative pick on my part and after i made it i wondered if i’d just picked a name to not hold up the draft.

Pick 169. Luke Lavender. F

Right. I had a strategy for my final picks and then i totally stuffed it. Plain and simple. Idiocy on my part, not realising that Jono Marsh had already been claimed. I can ditch him in the free agency period, but i cant undo the effect it had on effectively reducing my draft by one pick. Embarrassing error on my part.

Pick 174. Jake Kolodjashni. B

I wanted Marsh because i needed a defender with good job prospects and decent scoring potential. Kolo offers the former, but reduced potential on the latter. But the list looked very vulnerable for B depth and i decided he was the best option to partially undo the damage of the previous pick. Played most weeks for Geelong last year, i think he’s in their side each week when fit.

Pick 177. Todd Marshall. F

Oh god! Another key forward!? You dolt! Guilty as charged, your honour. But…but… he’s a talent this kid. Its a year or two early for sure, but he’s tracking like Hipwood and I’m getting on at basement level. He’ll play - at least until Dixon returns, and HIS injury is far more serious than first thought - early in the year and whilst his scoring is probably underwhelming at the moment i think longer term he has potential to be more than a typical one-dimensional key forward.

And now i look back on all that and on the one hand feel totally underwhelmed. But then i consider that during this upcoming season I almost surely bid farewell to Hodge, Deledio, Lewis, Picken, Shaw, Burgoyne, Mcveigh and Mundy. That’s the fundamental truth and a bit extraordinary, and if anyone has faced such an outgoing crop in one year i’d be curious to hear about it. A hell of a lot has to go right, but if i can add Ross, Woodcock, Narkle, Hayes and Schache to the next group of keepers, and maybe get fortunate with Shipley, Marshall and/or Garlett, then i perhaps have something to build on in the next trade and draft periods. At least i’ll have given myself some hope and an angle to enjoy, from a haul of round 5 and beyond selections.

In the meantime, this list can still be dangerous. A few of my oldies have actually looked good in the JLT. But its a long long year and i need Grigg and Hooker back asap.

Possible best 22:

Backs: Jonas , Hodge, Shaw
HB: Hurn, Lewis, Harbrow
C: Burgoyne, Higgins, Grigg
HF: Mundy, Hooker, Deledio
FF: Garlett, Schache, Weller
Fol: Sinclair, N Jones, Cotchin
Int : Vardy , J Mcveigh, Hayes, Narkle

Bench: Colyer , Shipley, Ross, Woodcock, Kolo, Marshall, Lavender,

LTI - Picken
LTI Replacement pick - Darcy Fort ®

How this all works out, i’ve literally no idea. But next year could be tougher than this one.


I think you’re looking at a three year plan, there.
Nothing you could do when you have picks as late as you had.
I’m sure you’ll be trading as heavily as you can, because the cliff is fast approaching for that team, and it’s a deep one.


sure is.


I do appreciate that you’ve tried your best to field a full competitive side, or at least find a good balance initially, even if it might be to the future detriment of the team.


I’m certainly here to try to win games.

And I’m ok with the balance of my new players reliability/potential. But this could all go pearshaped quickly, lol.

Wishlist - that Ross breaks into Tigers side early, that Narkle goes midfield stoppages and that my vets don’t miss large chunks of the year.


Also pleased to pick up Darcy Fort this morning. Goodness knows when Grigg returns to give me a third ruck option, so thought it prudent to add a fourth.


Just be careful of the donuts.
There are strikes in this comp for continually fielding a team with donuts and not doing anything about it. If there is a 50 defender available on FA and not pursuing him and keep getting donuts, then you’ll likely get a warning / strike.

I had it clarified a bit before I traded away Goldstein last year. I was trading away Goldstein but didn’t have a backup ready Darcy was injured and probably a few weeks away from games. I could have gotten a warning for trading Goldstein without finding a replacement through free agency. Luckily I picked up Simpson from GWS who was going to play which allowed me to trade away Goldstein. Then Darcy came back, so I could let Simpson go to help out other positions. I also fell into a trap of using up my FA allocations early in the season to cover injury so I couldn’t use FA as per previous years to grab a few players.

It is a balancing act between fielding a team and trying to keep the talent that you think is a year or two away from being a DT regular. I dropped Mason Cox, Daniel Rioli and Rowan Marshall (luckily I got him back) who all would have made keepers just to make sure I fielded a team weekly.

From the looks of your draft research, you’ll do really well in this comp. Just need to sift your way through the next few years and get the list that you want.


That is a great write up. I don’t mind the selection of Schache at all but this is coming from a guy that initially drafted Jeremy Cameron and Jesse Hogan in the seasons that they became available. Schache is definitely one I was going to watch but probably not take at this stage given that I already have Westhoff, Cameron, Hogan and Darling. I probably need a few smaller guys who get plenty of ball. Schache did not go at pick #2 in his AFL draft year because he was no good and had low potential.

Marshall is a bit similar in that he needs/needed a few seasons but he was a pretty good if not outstanding junior in and around his draft year if my memory serves me well.


I always love reading your post-draft analysis.