2019 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


A+ for getting in that position in the first place.
B+ for the execution.
Excellent first five, but took his eye off the ball for mine with the next four (which were still incredibly early picks).

Now he just needs to hold on to them.


Eesh, just checked out my draft last year.
Kept one, redrafted one, traded one.
Hoping for better this year!


Sorry mate. Remainder of the LTI picks have been allocated


A short sharp review of my draft. I traded myself out of the early draft for Witts. Needed a quality ruck with Nicnat out and I want to challenge this year so went out and paid whatever price was needed.

With starting late in the draft I had a strategy of looking at mature age players early on and some risks later.

Pick 50 - Ed Phillips - was a bit of a last minute call but with some of the injuries at St Kilda, I think he may get some serious game time and he’s a capable scorer. Good bloodlines.

Pick 51 - Chris Burgess - May have been early but had a list of the mature agers and I love a player such FB eligibility. He is a risk but could be gold.

Pick 69 - Matt Parker - Another mature age player who showed a fair bit at state level. Will get a good look early and loves a tackle.

Pick 87 - Lin Jong - Injured right now but capable of a big score. Always liked him as a player and happy to sit on him for a month or so.

Pick 105 - Ryan Lester - another FB eligible player and looked really good in JLT even with limited minutes.

Pick 122 - Daniel Menzel - Not sure where he should have gone from a draft perspective. He is depth. Will play a lot of footy and still kick some bags.

Pick 140 - Tom Jok - Could be a genius pick. Could be a massive waste. Just get the feeling he is a bit of a wildcard and will score well when he plays.

Pick 152 - Bags - FB depth that will probably never leave the bench.

Pick 163 - Alex Sexton - meh. I like watching him play. Can find the goals.

Pick 170 - Andy Otten - Depth for the backs. Well probably be cannon fodder.

LTI - Aaron Sandilands - I have a Witts and a Wright but wanted a back up just in case of disaster and finding a ruck in free agency is the worst.

Not an exciting draft but overall I am happy with it. Good quality spread.


Thanks Vanders.

Coming into the draft I wanted
2 Forwards, one that may move into the midfield with time
2 Defenders, one that may move into the midfield with time
2 Mids

Rankine: Very happy with him, racks up touches and goals, should develop into a good consistent CF that is capable of a huge score every now then.

Lukosious: In hindsight probably pulled the trigger a touch to early. Hoping he develops into a scorer similar to Buddy (at his peak) just maybe not with the same huge scores every now and then.

Duursma: Very happy with this one, once he tidies up his accuracy he will move into the midfield. should be a good a scorer.

Stocker: His TAC numbers were good and his game style will translate to AFL well. Only knocks I could see were endurance and preparation. After finding out he reached out to one of the brayshaws to learn about pre season I was sold. Silvagni isn’t great, but one thing he does know is first round mids.

McLennan - Will be a solid player without being spectacular

O’halloran and Foley - I only really expect one of these two to be successful. If they both do it will be a bonus. I did think about going for experience here but didn’t see anyone with sufficient upside that would be around when these picks hit their stride.

From this point on I was only ever wanting to pick for depth. Losing Majak hurt my D & R depth, and Boyd is about as reliable as an Alfa Romeo. Roughead provides R & F cover, should play most weeks.

Guelfi, Hutchings and Mcintosh play week in, week out. when the injuries hit they will be the first out the door for FA replacements.


It wasn’t so much taking my eye off the ball, it was catching up on injuries to players that I had drafted and already had on the list. Rankine did a hamstring, boyd out, daw out, lienhert out. I also in no way expect the first five picks to play week in and week out.

Needed to make sure the depth I was getting would do a job, be available and not leave me in a position where I’m getting strikes for not being able to field a team.


Yep, that’s fair enough.
Gotta field a team.


Brief recap of my draft below. I identified after my semi final loss last year that I was probably a decent 5th mid and a good scoring defender short of making any sort of a challenge, so I decided to take a couple of risks in the trade period by bringing in Hannebery and Birchall. Probably overpaid for both but felt I could take some risks, particularly as I held another first round pick.

Off the back of that I was quite happy with my keeper list and had challenges bringing it back down to 20, so I decided to focus on shoring up my defence and forward line, allowing me to hopefully get another year into Bonar, English and Simpkin without relying on them to be best 18 players.

Pick 13- Isaac Quaynor
Was going to take the best available player here and it was hopefully going to be a defender, wanted Duursma but was happy for Quaynor to be there, should hold B eligibility for a long time.

Pick 49 - Luke Brown
Reached here grabbing him but felt my rationale was sound given he took 40% of Adelaide’s kick ins last year which could hopefully add 10 ppg to his average. Made a blunder by not checking his injury status, but hopefully will be right for the last two thirds of the season.

Pick 67 - Alex Rance
Was after a reliable back scorer that will play every week, particularly with injuries to Johannisen and Birchall and question marks on Cutler’s selection. Will offer up to Wim at first opportunity come trade time

Pick 80 - Jack Watts
Hopeful that the move up the ground / to defence that has been touted eventuates but I see him being a 75-80 average player, who will comfortably slot into my starting forward line, allowing Bonar / Simpkin to sit on the bench

Pick 85 - Shane Edwards
Good player that doesn’t always translate to his scoring but was happy to grab him as an FC to add some depth to both positions. Will be fighting for my 6th forward spot

Pick 103 - Bailey Dale
Wanted to go for a couple of players that were younger and could develop into a potential keeper and think Dale is one of those players. Injured currently but not too far off playing and I think he will turn into a handy player for the Dogs, FC position helps too

Pick 108 - Marley Williams
Wanted some back depth for my team and should play every week, but I’ll be in trouble if I’m relying on him. Basically my Adam Saad replacement who I delisted - should average 55-60 but hopefully starts in my team in the weeks he scores an 85

Pick 111 - Sam Gray
Not sure where he sits in Port’s best 22 but if he plays I think I’ll be selecting him quite often as my 6th forward, seems to score reasonably well and has the ability to go big occasionally

Pick 120 - Eddie Betts
Got a little bit lazy at this point but I had him on my list from about the Watts pick and he was still there so I grabbed him. Expecting Adelaide to bounce back this year and hopefully he can push back to the 50 goal mark, handy depth and will put pressure on that 6th forward spot

Pick 161 - Oleg Markov
Another speculative pick but by all reports is training well and played both JLT games. Liked the look of him a couple of years ago and think he could become a handy scorer if he gets a game

LTI pick - Daniel Talia
Another one to shore up my defence, primarily used to cover these early season injuries I have to my defenders, likely to be shunted to FAs pretty early in the season

Best 22:
A lot needs to go right but my midfield definitely carries the team, I think I’ve added some good depth which should hopefully prevent too many 30s and 40s which Simpkin was providing on occasions last year.

Probably expecting a similar ladder position to last year with a healthy list, finishing in the 6-10 range, however hopefully I’ve added enough depth that will make me more consistent, and then it comes down to Macrae and Cripps dominating on the day!

B: Sheppard, Cutler, Rich
HB: Johanissen, Birchall, Brown
C: Macrae, Cripps, Steven
HF: Acres, Stringer, Watts
F: Lambert, Parish, Gray
R: Stanley, Prestia, Hannebery

Int: Atkins, English, Rance, Betts

Reserve: Talia, Quaynor, Markov, Williams, Edwards, Lever, Dale, Bonar, Simpkin


I’ll do a review for a review if people do me. Here’s my draft:

Pick 1 - Sam Walsh: The perfect draft pick. Not only do I expect him to be a 90-100+ average scorer he’ll pretty much step straight in and dominate as a ready made and can play forward as a bonus to boot. A perfect 10+ year player and was a lock at pick 1 for 6 months now.

Pick 31 - Willem Drew: Coming through as part of Port’s next generation of midfielders, he had an impressive JLT game against Adelaide and looks to be a certain starter early days and is a good inside player. I’m hoping that he with Walsh, Brodie and SPP can form part of my next generation of midfielders.

Pick 34 - Adam Kennedy: I needed defensive cover and Kennedy is a best 22 defender from GWS that has averaged 70+ and in my mind was the best ready made defender available that wasn’t injured like Scharenberg. He’s a potential keeper and wasn’t a difficult decision to select him, and he’s well aged too.

Pick 36 - Ricky Henderson: I couldn’t resist him and having traded Shuey at the end of last year, he’s basically a ready made replacement that is aged similarly. Has averaged 87 and 84 playing most games in the previous two years and with Tom Mitchell missing leaves a bigger hole and is set for a big year in the midfield/back and again represented the best available midfielder. Worst comes to worse I’ll just trade him later.

Pick 54 - Matt Deboer: Again, traded Franklin at the end of last year so was looking for a replacement, and his ability to play forward is what I loved. Would have averaged 80+ if not for an injury and is a certain starter at GWS when fit, and still not 30. They just love his tackling raging bull style and like Henderson returns to the list after having trade him previously.

Pick 57 - David Cuningham: This was more a gut feel pick outside of my logic and strategy. I’ve liked what I’ve seen from him in the previous few years when he’s managed to make it on the park and already had a decent base of about 60 to work from. He’s been in good form in the practice game and JLT games and will get plenty of opportunities in that Carlton side.

Pick 64 - Josh Battle: I had him last year and liked him a player playing forward as he could do everything, but with Carlisle injured a switch down back in the JLT has given some good scores and will be a certain starter which made him even more enticing. I did make a mistake in thinking he was already back eligible.

Pick 65 - Bailey Banfield: Yes is a tagger but he’s already got a good average and will get further opportunities to prove himself in a vacant Freo midfield and can find a little of his own ball. Reckon he’ll keep getting oppurtunities to develop and flourish into more.

Pick 70 - Stefan Giro: I loved what I saw from his debut season last year, good running and is someone I think will get a good amount of games to prove himself in the Freo midfield rebuild.

Pick 79 - Brody Mihocek: Basically needed as more back depth but is still a good scorer.

Best 22:
B: Marcus Adams - Brody Mihocek - Cam Guthrie
HB: Bachar Houli - Jeremy McGovern - Adam Kennedy
C: Tom Liberatore - Luke Dunstan - Brad Hill
HF: Sam Walsh - Rory Lobb - Sam Menegola
F: Mitch Robinson - Jack Riewoldt - Matthew Kennedy
R: Matthew Kruezer - Will Brodie - Sam Powell-Pepper
Int: Ricky Henderson - Matt Deboer - Jack Newnes - Matt Deboer

Others: Lochie O’Brien - Josh Kennedy - Willem Drew - Bailey Banfield - Josh Battle - David Cuningham - Stefan GiroT - im Membrey


Pretty decent side, that.

And you’ve had a very good draft overall imo. I’m not 100% (or even 80%) sold on Cunningham’s outlook but you never know.

Everything else there looks solid at worst for a tilt at the top (jury probably out on the Drew pick) and of course Walsh should be blue chip for a long time. He may actually be your best bet for some really big scores at times. Racks em up.

Battle will be an interesting kid to keep track of.


I’m aiming for finals, don’t think I’m near the top 4. I think a lot depends on my midfield which will be inconsistent. I need Dunstan to get regular games as he fell out of favour last year and obviously Liberatore to return well from injury. Powell-Pepper having a good year would be nice too.


Here is a look at my draft and why and how I went about it.

Pick 88. Mad Bomber – Sam Collins (Gold Coast)
I was genuinely over the moon to get Sam Collins, practically everything written about him was that he was almost a must pick player. He kind of goes against my thinking as he seems to be a KPD (read FF Poison), seemed to have fallen out of favour with a guy who kept Zac Dawson for about a decade and took him from one club to another with him. Although there were so many positive things I had read about him that I thought I just about had to pick him. He also addressed a need and I imagine he will get a fair bit of work down in the Suns backline in 2019. I had hoped Nick Hind would continue to slide but I missed him by about 6 picks.

Pick 93. Mad Bomber – Jeremy Finlayson (GWS)
Once again addressed a need, had a pretty good start to 2018 and I thought that he may have some real improvement in him, in a team that I don’t really know what to expect from this season.

Pick 106. Mad Bomber – Ben King (Gold Coast)
I was hanging to pick some kids as I think that has tended to be my strength in the BBFFL in my time here. I suspect that “Wayne” King will be some sort of a player but probably not in 2019. I hope I stay the course with him (and others like Brodie Grundy) and not what I did with Riley Bonner, Nick Vlastuin, Brayden Sier and Tom Phillips et al. Due dilligence for this pick was essentially making sure he was not the one who did his knee last year.

Pick 123. Mad Bomber – Jack Lonie (St Kilda )
Once again I drafted Jack, third time lucky hopefully. Still hoping/waiting for the “Zac Merret of his draft year” comparison to come true! I was really sweating on him as I was seriously worried that either of @wimmera1 would again take him up to the wheat belt and ruin his career, or @Blummers32 would take him again and he would display the form that he closed out 2018 with. It seemed like I was waiting forever for @Allblack to take his pick so I could secure Lonie. And I was pretty pleased to do so. Sam Sturt was my kind of bolter and I would probably have taken him instead of Lonie, but @wezza did not play nicely.

Pick 141. Mad Bomber - Gary Rohan (Geelong)
Taking Gary (again) would be a bit like drafting Justin Murphy as memories of 1999 are rekindled whenever I see Gary “mug” Marty Gleeson in what was a horrible minute of madness at the SCG a couple of seasons back. I think I did make Gary run extra laps as punishment then delisted him shortly after. However he has some real intangibles and I think going back to almost home in Geelong (closest AFL club to his home town) might make him a little more consistent and intrinsically motivated to do his best, that and being reunited with Crunchas star Ben Cunnington. Was a bit of a gamble but I think I could have picked worse for sure.

Pick 154. Mad Bomber - Gryan Miers (Geelong)
I liked what I read about him had no idea what he looked like until I was getting the pen pics ready, then remembered I had seen him playing in an U/18 carnival. I rate the kid and hope he can deliver handsomely. Was deliberating on taking him when I took Gary Rohan but after speaking to my Geelong scout he suggest Rohan was going to be picked if fit and Miers would have a few ahead of him. I suspect he may be in for a ‘breakout season’ hence I was rapt to get both he and Rohan.

Pick 165. Mad Bomber - Billy Longer (St Kilda)
I actually could not believe that Billy lasted this long. I saw someone draft Tom Hickey, TOM FARKING HICKEY!!! before Billy. Billy is pretty much assured the #1 ruck spot at the aints barring injury. He has got good scoring form when he has had a good run at it, but lets face it the ruck is not my biggest issue with the best ruckman in the comp in Grundy and Westhoff able to pinch hit for us if needed. I expect Billy to have a really good opportunity as he will be able to get heaps of chances to hone his tap ruck craft as his side will probably ship a lot of goals!

Pick 172. Mad Bomber C Brown/Sam Fletcher (Gold Coast)
Bit of a gamble this pick, I could look at it as Sam Fletcher was not good enough to get drafted last season…OR he was pretty close to getting drafted and has somewhat fortuitously found his way on to an AFL list. I know he is something of a ball magnet and this late in the draft, I considered it a free hit.

Pick 176. Mad Bomber - Bailey Rice (St Kilda)
Well I reckon I saw Bailey’s dad Dean going to the supermarket the other day, but decided to let Bailey give him the good news rather than go and break it to him myself. My old mate Ray from Ashwood really rates Bailey, so at pick 176 I thought what the heck? and took Bailey. I think he can play but has had a pretty crap run with injuries.

Pick 179. Mad Bomber - Tim O’Brien (Hawthorn)
I don’t know if we will ever see the best of Tim but he can be a tantalising prospect, his best is pretty serviceable but it only happens one week in a row and usually there are a few weeks in between. As much as I dislike his feeder club they tend to like giving the #23 to players they think will be ok.

Pick 185. Mad Bomber (Scully) - Joel Garner (Port Adelaide) LTI Replacement
Another free hit, I expect that this kid will be a gun, he has all the attributes to be a quality half back for many years. Joel had a pretty good start to the 2018 season before he needed a shoulder reco, hopefully that is fixed and he can have a good go this season.

@fogdog did hurt my plans a bit, when I was hoping guys like Blicavs and Blakey who was a real slider in my opinion and an absolute steal at pick #52 to be available when I picked. I guess I will have to wonder what might have been having sold the farm in the mid season trade period to get Westhoff and thus letting my first, second and third round picks walk out the door. But it was for a reason and that was to have a real crack at the flag and rather cruelly I had a player get concussed on single figures before half time in our Preliminary final and then we went on to lose that match by a narrow margin. That is not the worst part. I believe in the playoff for 3rd the following week, we had a better score than both the Grand Finallists, so for a bit of luck you could have all been saying just how awesome a job I did last season! Remember that when you fill in your surveys. :wink:

Selecting my 20 keepers was not so hard as I did delist some quality I like to think of it as a “the fish that John West reject” situation. Geary went at pick #58, Mihocek at #79 and Duryea at #97 and I would have been happy to re-draft any or all of them but not when they actually went. Geary was high on my list to redraft. In the end it was a decision between Geary, Teia Miles and Jayden Hunt. I went with the younger players and hoped to take Jarryn in the draft.

There seemed to be a lot of first year kids/kids from recent seasons that had not played taken a lot earlier this season which was a shame.



Longer is a mad get at that point in the draft.


The ruck situation at the Saints has been a ■■■■ fight between Longer and Hickey. With Hickey traded it helps, but I read far too often that the Saints want Pierce as their first ruck.
It looks like it’ll continue to be a ■■■■ fight between them and Marshall.
I think Pierce will start the season then tire at some point, then they’ll turn to Longer.
Still a worthwhile pick though.


@The_Mad_Bomber1 sorry, saw Hickey as a better fit for my side as backup ruck and can average 70+ whilst NicNat is still out and Eagles likely to play 2 rucks for most of the season.



Pick 10 - Tarryn Thomas (NM)
Contested ball player who loves to tackle and comes from a rugby background. I’m hoping he’s got plenty of scope for improvement considering his relatively late start to the game, and that he will get opportunities at a rebuilding club. Some off field discipline issues are a concern, but I’m shooting for the stars and picking the player I believe is the most talented available.

Pick 28 - Corey Ellis (GC)
Struggled to hold his place in Richmond’s team, but that won’t be the case at the Gold Coast. Was the best performing DT defender in the VFL last year, and I think at only 22 years of age, Ellis represents value.

Pick 46 - Harrison Wigg (GC)
Really stuffed this pick up. Did his knee a month ago, so this one I’ve burnt.

Pick 82 - Nick Hind (StK)
Likes to kick the ball, and I think he’s at a team that will afford him opportunities as they lack players who will take the game on.

Pick 100 - Tom Williamson (Carl)
Was injured all of last season, but I liked what I saw in 2017 when he played 15 games. He wasn’t a big ball winner but at only 20 years of age he has plenty of scope for improvement. Docherty going down could provide him with opportunity. Speculative selection, but worth a punt.

Pick 117 - Tom Sheridan (GWS)
I think he will get games at GWS, and had a solid average of 71 last season. If he can replicate that this season he will represent very good value as a defender.

Pick 135 - Nathan Hrovat (NM)
Had a poor 2018 due to injury, but played 22 games the previous year and averaged 70. Can win the ball if afforded midfield minutes, and could be a handy reserve if he cements his place in the team again.

Pick 148 - Conor Glass (Haw)
Highly speculative pick, but well worth a punt. Always on the lookout of running defenders, and he has the athletic attributes and kicking skills for the role. Also, Irish players have a pretty good record of ball winning and DT scoring.

Pick 159 - Hamish Bradshaw (WC)
After missing the first half of 2018, Brayshaw put together some big games in the WAFL, including a 40+ possession game. It’s going to be a tough gig breaking into the Eagles side, but I’m prepared to hang on to him and wait and see unless injury forces my hand.

Pick 168 - Neville Jetta
He’ll play every week and put out mediocre scores. Basically I was looking for insurance, and at pick 168 there weren’t any other better options for players who will get a regular gig.


If you have the time and team to wait a while, I like the Williamson and Brayshaw picks, Hamish was on my radar but I couldn’t afford too many kids. Also Ellis should get some chances, not sure how good he really is though. Quite a speculative/future draft overall, was that the aim?


Don’t be sorry it was just an observation. And fair enough too.


I do hope nobody takes any of my draft criticisms to heart.
My draft last year was the worst in the history of ever.


I typically go speculative at the draft. Plenty of middling players available to fill gaps available through free agency. If I can find 1-2 keepers, it’s a successful draft. There will no doubt be more busts than gold, but it’s a numbers game.