2019 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


I didn’t expect Bailey Scott to be available past pick 15 but he kept sliding. I thought Dunlop would take him with either of his picks.

I had contingencies, but not well researchedso was hoping Scott would make it to my pick.
I was really tossing up between Gibbons and Bewley. Gibbons smashed it against us (didn’t know how to read that) but was crap today. Bewley hasn’t had the playing time.
Corey Ellis, Sparrow and a few others were there too.

I would have loved to have Bailey Scott though.


Burnie Vince declaring Tom Sparrow as the next Dangerfield won me over.

Gibbons was not on my radar. I thought he’d go top 20 so when he didn’t get a line through his name, I had to pick him.

I actually pencilled in a new kid that will play predominantly as a forward over the next two years but is expected to be the next Cripps once one or two retire from his teams aging midfield.


You’re up @Alber_Goodthur


You’re up another time @Alber_Goodthur


Wasn’t expecting to see Jordan Roughead go so early!


Me neither but I think he will do alright at the pies. Not sure if he will be alright FF wise though.


Just looking for back ups for the kids. My two Rs aren’t exactly reliable either


Damn it Dunlop.
Was hoping Rowbottom would last until later in the draft.


Haha, Dunlop on fire!

Good pick up, Crazy!

@You_Shall_Be_Smoten is up


I’ve never even heard of him. I guess my research isn’t up to scratch.


I’ll pick if Smotes picks in the next 5 minutes, else i’ll be heading to bed and draft will resume in the morning.


I’m off to bed too, my next pick isn’t up for another full round tho. If someone wants to text me when my pick is up tommorw that’d be great, I have limited access during work hours, breaks aside.


I’ll pick.

Edit: Eric Hipwood drafted


He wasn’t expected to play straight away but he seems to be a bit of a ball magnet.
He played restricted minutes through JLT but did show he can get to where the ball is and get DT points.
The way the Swans develop their players, he’ll be in NEAFL but once he’s ready, he’ll likely be ready to replace JPK.


Thanks, I know some will sook about Henderson’s age but he’s a gun scorer.

Plus Adam Kennedy sures up my backline too and can average 70’s.


He was an extremely reliable scorer for me.
Tough to cut, as was Hipwood.


My dorks supporting brother really likes Henderson.


@Dunlop youre up.


Yeah he’s still almost unbelievably young. Hope he can add 10 points per game to his average this year.


I went with Ratugolea.
May end up being a poor choice.