2019 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


Seems a solid choice. I like him


My list of C’s has been totally smashed.
Spargo and Graham were pretty much head and shoulders ahead of the rest on my C list.

Need to do some more research.


Had to draft for need. Hopefully Stretch gets a run at it this year. Still young!


I’ll pick in about 15-20 mins.


I’ll pick in about 15 hours.


Good pick Vandrs with Willie! No idea how he made it that far!!!


There’s 33 picks to go before I get a selection. How about we try not to select any more of the players I want in that time?

Because so far you lot have slaughtered my vague list of “possibles” to get through.


Only 29 picks till my first :joy:


Oh, show off!


Thanks. I had a bout 6-8 I was considering at that pick and just gave up and picked Willie. Hopefully he can creep into the midfield a little more this year.

Oh and i hear ya @saladin. I sat down and added 35 players to my Pre-Ranks yesterday arvo and most of them got picked up. Which is comforting and also very frustrating!!


Harry Jones is a bit of a reach. I had Graham, Spargo and Stretch as clear preferences at this pick yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately, they were taken. Came down to two and I’m more confident Harry gets opportunities in the first ten games than my other preference. Plus as a CB, Harry could help out any shortfall I may have in the midfield when he’s ready.

If pick 63 comes up during the day, please be patient. I’ll have to add some names to my list before taking my next few picks.
I’m yet to really address my round 1 team. I’m not sure if Bewley plays round 1 and Harry is an outside chance. I also lose Matera in round 1, so I may start looking at round 1 options while they are there.
Still not sure if I go speculative or round 1 option with picks 63 and 68.


Wigg is a ballsy pick windy.
You’re going to keep him on main list all year?


Had Harry Jones as one of two possibilities for the following selection. Reckon he could be a real bolter this season based on the center square time he was afforded in JLT games.


I messaged Smoten at around 9:20pm his time. Hope he saw it before going to bed.


yeah I’m just pondering my pick


Drafted, Ben Ronke. Would have loved for Willie Rioli to slip a touch further.


I’m around. Reviewing sheets.


do my eyes deceive me or is Nick Blakey still available?


Didn’t Wigg do his ACL? Love him as a player and if he ever gets a run will be excellent


Had other preferred prospects, but felt like needed the position more.

@Stoops you’re up.