2019 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


Lol. Had him at the top of my list but just couldn’t pull the trigger.


Dropping like flies!!

I’m around refreshing all day so no need for a PM.

In fact. I’m spying on my dog for most of the day with my binoculars as he keeps finding a way off our property. So the draft will keep me busy.


That’s frowned upon! I sweated out 4 picks waiting for someone to sweep him from under my feet.


Yeah I don’t think we should be alerting about players not yet drafted. Prefer to talk about them once they’re taken and how they were able to slide.


Tricky part of the draft coming up, hoping players can slide through to your next round. Probably reached a bit for Brown but he took 40% of kick ins for Adelaide last year, with the new rules hopefully he can add 10ppg and become a handy 70 avg defender.


Pfft… I think the talk makes it interesting.


I waited 50 picks and then picked two other players. Reckon he will be very handy


apologies if I have broken an unspoken rule, won’t do it again moving forward. don’t really see the problem though, all the players are there to see.


Oh crap! What a waste of a draft pick.


I’m certain he’d have slipped another 26 picks if you hadn’t opened your mouth*!!



*Not in any way true. But I was hoping for the miraculous.


Will pick within the hour - just debating between sticking to the plan and going mature or tossing it out the window and picking another rookie.


He was the player I referred to in my earlier post about being the next Cripps (quote Paul Roos).


He was the main suspect I thought of when you posted that .


Yeah same.

But in my limited research I couldn’t find such a comment and being the next Cripps.


I definitely didnt pick up on that. I thought he was just a forward, didn’t realise had scope to go into the midfield.


Depth. Pfft. Who needs that?


For where his first 3 picks were, foggy is nailing it.

Sparrow is a phenomenal pick - not sure how long the back eligibility lasts, but to be able to get someone with back eligibility even potentially for only 2 years, who averaged 100 at both SANFL reserve and U18 level, in a draft crop pretty much bereft of anybody averaging 100+…is knocking it out of the park.

Entirely possible I regret being the sentimental sort about players and not being able to pass up taking Rhylee.


Moore and Blakey were ones I was hoping would be available when I picked. I am really surprised Blakey lasted as long as he did. Good pick Fog.

At this rate there will be no decent kids left when I finally pick.


Don’t mind the Berry pick at all


Early flag fav IMO