2019 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


Have you put any serious thought into that first name you read out? Scott West was my first ever pick, and whilst he did play 3 seasons, average 100+, win a B&F and a premiership…he was still only a Scott…not really a name that has the gravitas needed to inspire a cult following.

So, may I suggest Red Óg Murphy.


The Irish are so five years ago.
I suggest a South African twist.
Buku Khamis Springs to mind.

I am assuming Red us Irish and Buku is South African. I’ve never seen and only going by their name.


@Crazy_Bomber you are up


Right part of the world, however Buku is another child of the Sudanese civil war.


And if he doesn’t pick soon, we will be waiting on @topdon for until tomorrow as he’s about to go to bed.


What does the “autopick” logo next to each person’s name do?


Whenever my pick comes around I won’t take it until about 8:30pm tonight AEST.


Can’t he leave 1 contingency? If Craze takes it so be it…but surely he’d have some idea of who he wants


Assuming you mean on the draft ticker - nothing it just means they’re off-line


Possibly! The same as how everyone should leave one.


Was hoping Cavarra may slide a touch further. Next pick looking skinny


Haha no worries, sure you would think they would have some kind of logic now on

  • if there are C’s, there’s some left
  • if there are C’s but none left
  • manual picking
  • auto-picking

I’m asking for too much! haha


Jeepers less than two hours and I cop it and I even did even leave a contingency too. Apologises for the holdup.


no need to apologise, good pick!

we’re likely on hold for the next few hours. but then should be able to make some progress once Smotes is awake :slight_smile:


Jarrod Cameron is taking this whole mature rookie to an extreme!! 119 years old.


I’m up. Give me a few min


By few did you mean 60+???


Seems like it. Not intentional I assure you. I’m desperately short of defenders and decent, young players are thin on the ground.


Picking now


Been caught out the last few years drafting fringe players who didn’t make their sides best 22. Whilst Walker is probably a massive stretch, he’s best 22 and he can throw up a good score if needed. Before last year he was averaging around 80 and if Adelaide improve like they should I can see him back there.