2019 FF Originial Trade Bait Thread

Mid Season trade period opens: Friday 31 May 7.50 PM to Sunday 16 June 8 PM.

Put your players up for sale in here.

I will entertain the idea of trading all my bad players for all of your good ones.
Can’t say fairer than that.


Dahlhaus available for a 1st round pick. Excellent for those pushing for a flag.

Interested in elite but not much time left 30 years + players.
Specifically centres, but others are of interest, too.

I’ll pick up Rance off FA and be in contact Wim

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Interested in high scoring backs. Will pay overs for the right players

If anyone is interested in Jamie Elliott, Robbie Gray, Dayne Beams or Zach Tuohy, then this trade period is as good as any to trade for them.
Callan Ward (he’s on my LTI) and Mitch Duncan may also available.
Brandon Matera, Riley Knight and Mason Wood are also on the table.
It’s not a fire sale as I’m more than happy to have them as keepers let alone take them into the next trade period.

I don’t value draft picks. Mainly looking for defenders and forwards.
I’ll be slow responding to ‘what do you want for [insert player name here]’ PMs.
If you’re interested, make an offer.

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As a pragmatist Rocky (108) doesn’t want to jeopardise his chances of ending up at a premiership contender due to Hinkley’s stupidity, so he has withdrawn from this week’s game. With scores of 166, 149 & 132 he is still capable of providing you with huge scores and could be the difference between that premiership or not. Exclude the game he sat out a half due to concussion precautions and his average jumps to 115.

Back-up Options for Contenders:
Rampe (71) & Tarrant (68)
Ceglar FR (73) - though given the lack of FA ruck options this will largely depend on Lewis’s form over the next 2 rounds and whether Weideman can break back into the seniors.

Chasing: I have room in my keepers for another young (under 22) FC/F with plenty of upside, a young ruck would be nice but can’t see it happening, and obviously picks are welcomed.

Confirmed trade:

Stoops trades Jy Simpkin and 3rd round pick to
Wezza for Luke Dahlhaus

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Made a thread for posting completed trades here: FF Original Completed Trades 2019

Simpkin knows he got traded and delivering up a stinker :laughing:

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Will get plenty of opportunities to improve in their midfield whilst drifting forward!

Same could be said with Dunners, wowee

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I’ll do up a proper list soon, but all my players are up for trade. If you’re a premiership contender I have a ton of gun scorers and also some young promising ones to boot.

Well, i couldn’t see the point of my first trade in this League being a minor one that ■■■■■■ around the edges.

A bit hard to evaluate without being able to see the future, but from my perspective:

I really rate Burton’s potential (already decent output, hopefully an improvement left in him and still only early 20’s- all three factors are important, not least the last) as a good scoring defender for the next few years.

And Wright is approaching that age where these types often start to blossom. My rucks are thin - Vardy is playing horrible footy, to be frank - so fingers crossed that I’ve just locked that away for quite a few years.

I’m mindful that i need to field a side for the now rather than just gut the list for picks, but with one eye firmly fixed on 2020/2021. Plus i need to have 20 keepers locked and ready for next year. These two lads will be part of that, whereas its uncertain whether Shaw would have been. If GWS happen to win a flag, i’m guessing he calls it quits. The draft pick will help fill in some holes.

Sorry to see Hurn go? Of course, absolutely. Get full value? Maybe, perhaps not. Tough to say. But i cant just sit on a list with so many over 30 years of age and pretend that we’ll be fine next year. Tough balance to strike because we’re not interested in finishing near the bottom.

We’re still absolutely open for business on similar deals.

And AB was a pleasure to deal with. We threw around a few names and settled it fairly easily. Hopefully its a classic win/win.


I think that’s a very good trade for both sides. AB wants to win it this year and this puts his list further in front of the pack.

Both Burton and Wright suit your list profile much better.


Yeah I think he has been one of the best when I have dealt with him.

I was thinking of trying to get Hurn back to the Crunchas.

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Everyone that’s contacted me so far has been great, very open and upfront. I always try to be the same, not waste others time and make sure we all achieve an aim.

You probably would have struggled to get Hurn back without losing something that basically nullified getting him anyway. He needed to net me some players rather than picks just because of my list demographic.

If anyone has a player they think is worth a first or second round pick, then knock on my door.

Aiden Bonar on the table for anyone that wants to roll the dice with some younger talent, won’t be a fire sale though.

Similar to Wim, first and second round picks are on the table as well, I traded both away last year for players that have played zero games (Hannebery and Birchall), so would prefer a playing person!

Rory Atkins plus a pick also on the table for an upgrade on him.