2019 FF Originial Trade Bait Thread


If anyone has a player they think is worth a first or second round pick, then knock on my door.


Aiden Bonar on the table for anyone that wants to roll the dice with some younger talent, won’t be a fire sale though.

Similar to Wim, first and second round picks are on the table as well, I traded both away last year for players that have played zero games (Hannebery and Birchall), so would prefer a playing person!

Rory Atkins plus a pick also on the table for an upgrade on him.


All my players are on the table including all my picks, I’m preferably after some younger players but open to any and all offers.

In no particular order here are just a few on the table:

Ricky Henderson ©
Sam Powell-Pepper ©
Luke Dunstan ©
Tom Liberatore ©
Mitch Robinson (FC)
David Cunningham (FC)
Brad Hill ©
Josh Battle (FB)
Brody Mihocek (FB)
Bachar Houli (B)
Cam Guthrie (CB)
Jeremy McGovern (B)
Matthew Kruezer ®
Adam Kennedy (B)
Willem Drew ©
Lochie O’Brien ©
Matthew Kennedy (FC)
Will Brodie ©
Jack Riewoldt (F)
Tim Membrey (F)


Not sure I’ll be very active at this trade period. I’ve had a couple of PM’s but it’s to some of my key players who will be hard to get.

Earlier in the year I may of had a different tune but with injuries to Nankervis,Smith,Adams,Fantasia and to a lesser extent Scrimsham this season has taken a sharp down turn.

Whist some of the above are returning this year it may be to little to late. So our focus will soon shift to next year and we will try that season with the squad somewhat in tacked.


Struggling with injuries - putting Danger out there to see what offers I get!


Hodge (who Fagan somewhat surprisingly suggested may play on next year - not sure i believe that, lol, !) , Burgoyne and Harbrow still open to offers from other clubs.

I wont even bother mentioning Lewis, he looks cooked.


Robbie Gray and Zach Tuohy on the table for anyone interested.
So is Mason Wood, Brandon Matera and Jamie Elliott.
Dayne Beams and Callan Ward also gettable but you’ll have to carry them in your 30 the rest of the season.


If a finalist wants to gamble on Snelling securing a senior berth and increase their centre depth, I’ll listen to offers.


I’ll probably be looking at trading one of Bachar Houli (B) averages over 120 in recent form or Ricky Henderson © averages over 104, so open to best offers on the table for contenders.

  • Current Mitch Duncan trade discussions will be ongoing.
  • Robbie Gray is still up for trade. He’s in ripe form and looks like he’ll average 85 (Min) for the rest of the season. I’m looking for a young forward or back who is averaging low to mid 70s plus a draft pick.
  • Zach Tuohy on the table for anyone interested. I’m confident he’ll work his way up to averaging 80 for the rest of the season. I’m looking for a young forward or back who is averaging mid 60s to low 70s plus a draft pick.


I’m comfortable now with running Lewis & Weideman as my rucks for the remainder of the year, so if any finalists would like a cheap bench back-up ruck option that can also cover forward - Jonny Ceglar (71) is available for a ballpark 4th.


If people are looking for premierships, then let me know.

I have Brody Mihocek (FB) who’s averaging almost 80 the last 5 weeks and over 70 this year, Adam Kennedy (B), McGovern (B) on offer for those in need of backs.


My team has run it’s race. The last year and a half had been disappointing. I’m looking for a mini refresh of the list.

If you’re interested in Dayne Beams or Callan Ward for next year, you’re welcome to make an offer.

I’m not primarily focussed on draft picks. If I like the player offered (could be a forward, mid or back), we’ll take it further. Otherwise, I’ll hang on to them both until next trade period.


Your team looks like it will beat me this week!

2019 FF Original discussion thread

Dayne Beams and Callan Ward will be traded next trade period if not this one.
Brandon Matera is on the trade table for anyone looking for forwardline depth for their push into the finals this season.
I’ll consider trade offers for Jamie Elliott, Mitch Wallis and Nick Haynes but they are still valuable to me.


I’m willing to package Brad Hill and some of Jeremy McGovern (B), Brody Mihocek (FB) & Adam Kennedy (B) for a player that averages slightly higher.


Trade periods ends in T-Minus 37 minutes.


Can all those coaches who want to send me really good players for really poor draft picks please hurry up!


I’m waiting too.


Must be the old fax machine issue.