2019 FF Originial Trade Bait Thread

Trade period end in T-Minus 13 minutes.

We have waaaay too many inactive coaches. Or coaches that are just too rude to reply.


It would be great if coaches stated who they were willing to trade or not trade.
But I got responses from all my offers.

There were a few offers sent in the last 24hrs that I didn’t expect a response to but they actually responded.

I do think the trading period could/should go for the whole of the bye rounds.

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I’d like it to start on Anzac Day and end on Queen’s Birthday.
But I’m not sure it’ll make any difference to the number of trades made.

By this time of the year, it’s obvious who is going to be challenging and who isn’t. It’ll be interesting if that dynamic changes earlier in the season.

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My idea is just to give the bye rounds equal coverage (they suck but we handle them better than any other comp). I don’t know if it will make for more trades but seems fairer to include them all than to include two and leave a third one out.

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