2019 From Long Range Competition


Just sent mine in. Goodness only knows what it will end up like. Last year I had essendon winning nearly every game. This year I dont think I have them winning many at all! I think I have lost the faith.


Entry submitted.


Thinking about the selections for any length of time hasn’t been a successful strategy in previous years, so this year I’ve gone with an even more rapid combination of first instinct and unashamed bias.

Richmond - 18
West Coke - 17
Essendon - 16
Adelaide - 16
Giants - 15
Melbourne -14
Collingwood - 13
Geelong - 12
Sydney - 12
Brisbane - 10
North M - 10
Hawthorn - 10
Port Adel - 8
Fremantle - 7
Footscray - 7
St Kilda - 6
FCFC - 5
Gold Coast - 3


Entry sent in, hopefully a few more correct tips than usual.


I went in the same vein last year after years of putting in serious study and thought time on it.

It did not help.

Not a bit. :no_mouth:


I better get working on mine.


Last years Long Range comp in the coldblood household loser had to take winner on a weekend away.So its off to China for 12 days .thanks to @nackers comments in the travel thread. So have been told get ready to start looking for the end of comp trip.
As if I will lose 2 tipping comps in a row to @bomber3232. NO WAY


Given that, beyond ladder position, I spend little to no time tracking the progress and fortunes of other teams, I figure I’m as likely to go forward as backward in this comp, having finished very much MOR for several years.


Better make time to finalise this on the weekend



Waiting for my ladder but i reckon i went alittle to crazy on Melbourne and Freo


Take that back.

Im pretty cosy with this

Predicted Ladder

|Geelong Cats|16|
|Adelaide Crows|16|
|West Coast Eagles|15|
|Sydney Swans|13|
|GWS Giants|10|
|North Melbourne|8|
|Port Adelaide|8|
|Western Bulldogs|7|
|Brisbane Lions|7|
|St Kilda|5|
|Gold Coast Suns|5|


My ladder finished up in a very similar format apart from I had Brisbane win a few more and Sydney lose a few more. I’m starting to think I have fallen for the “Sydney are gone” and “Brissy are back” pre-season hype. Time will tell.


My ladder;

Oh - and F#ck Carlton

Richmond 21
Melbourne 19
Adelaide 19
West Coast 18
Collingwood 15
Geelong 13
Essendon 13
Giants 12
Port 12
Hawthorn 10
Sydney 10
Brisbane 9
Fremantle 9
Bulldogs 6
North 5
St Kilda 5
Gold Coast 2
Carlton 0

Richmond 19
Essendon 17
Geelong Cats 17
West Coast Eagles 16
Melbourne 16
GWS Giants 15
Adelaide Crows 14
Sydney Swans 12
Collingwood 12
Brisbane Lions 11
Hawthorn 10
Port Adelaide 8
Western Bulldogs 7
Fremantle 7
North Melbourne 6
Carlton 5
St Kilda 4
Gold Coast Suns 2


I’m in, thanks very much for organising.

My ladder
1 Richmond 19W
2 Melbourne 18W
3 Collingwood 18W
4 Essendon 17W
5 West Coast 16W
6 Adelaide 13W
7 Port Adelaide 13W
8 GWS 12W
9 Brisbane 11W
10 Geelong 10W
11 North Melbourne 10W
12 Sydney 9W
13 Fremantle 8W
14 Footscray 8W
15 Hawthorn 6W
16 Fark Carlton 5W
17 St Kilda 4W
18 Gold Coast 1W


Don’t know what to make of mine. Thanks, @BomberMcVeigh

May the best Blitzer won!

Predicted Ladder
| — | — |
|Brisbane Lions|14|
|North Melbourne|13|
|West Coast Eagles|12|
|Sydney Swans|12|
|Adelaide Crows|12|
|Port Adelaide|11|
|Western Bulldogs|11|
|Geelong Cats|11|
|GWS Giants|10|
|St Kilda|8|
|Gold Coast Suns|5|


I think I like your ladder the most.


Not enough Fark Carlton misery for mine.


Is this enough misery?

New Predicted Ladder |Selection|Tips|
| — | — |
|GWS Giants|15|
|West Coast Eagles|14|
|Adelaide Crows|14|
|Sydney Swans|11|
|Port Adelaide|11|
|Geelong Cats|11|
|Western Bulldogs|10|
|Brisbane Lions|9|
|North Melbourne|7|
|Gold Coast Suns|5|
|St Kilda|4|


I’m in