2019 From Long Range Competition


Well, I can download and save it but it doesn’t work beyond that.


Crikey, there are actually a ton of people that still think we can finish top four with 16+wins.


Think we could
Believe we will
Hope we do
Will be putting their house on the result

all different things.


I am starting to think I have over estimated us at 7th place


There is a little drop down menu for you to automatically choose the teams or a draw - could you find that?


Thanks JR. I worked it out this morning before heading out. Thanks for the advice though.


Bump! Just a reminder that you only have three days in which to get your entry in.

So far we have 35 Blitzers locked in and ready to play. Why not join them?

Here’s what the collective predictions look like so far:

Team Tipped
Richmond 591
Melbourne 547
Essendon 545
West Coast Eagles 542
Adelaide Crows 526
Collingwood 487
GWS Giants 465
Geelong Cats 435
Sydney Swans 371
Port Adelaide 344
Brisbane Lions 330
Hawthorn 316
North Melbourne 308
Fremantle 253
Western Bulldogs 238
St Kilda 161
Carlton 150
Gold Coast Suns 114
Draw 9

Collingwood 20
Melbourne 17
Richmond 17
Adelaide Crows 14
GWS Giants 14
Sydney Swans 14
Geelong Cats 12
Hawthorn 12
North Melbourne 12
Port Adelaide 12
West Coast Eagles 11
Essendon 10
Western Bulldogs 8
Brisbane Lions 7
Fremantle 7
St Kilda 5
Carlton 4
Gold Coast Suns 2

Prove me wrong boys


Here is my $hitshow for the year…I also had North and West Coast finish in the bottom 4 last year so I know nothing obviously!!

Melbourne - 19
Richmond - 18
Adelaide Crows - 18
West Coast Eagles - 17
Essendon - 16
GWS Giants - 15
Collingwood - 14
Geelong Cats - 13
Sydney Swans - 12
Port Adelaide - 11
North Melbourne - 9
Brisbane Lions - 8
Fremantle - 8
Hawthorn - 7
Western Bulldogs - 6
Carlton - 3
St Kilda - 2
Gold Coast Suns - 2


Entry sent in a mad scramble this year, after IT problems developed. I have no idea of the breakdown of my selections at this stage, but as usual, when it came to Essendon, it was a clear case of heart over head, full blown lid off. Good luck to all who have entered.


Entry sent. Cheers


Predicted Ladder |Selection|Tips|
|Sydney Swans|15|
|Port Adelaide|13|
|Geelong Cats|12|
|Brisbane Lions|11|
|Adelaide Crows|11|
|Gold Coast Suns|10|
|West Coast Eagles|10|
|Western Bulldogs|9|
|GWS Giants|9|
|North Melbourne|7|
|St Kilda|6|


Sheesh Perc. l reckoned my predicted ladder was a mess, then l saw this one. Looks like a train wreck from here.


The shape of things to come, Cap. Bulldogs are gone. Gold Coast were never there in the first place. GWS have also done their dash. The bottom 6 are just make-weights, though you can swap GWS and GCS. Time to go back to a 12-team competition.

We’ll thrash the Swans in the GF.


Just emailed winning entry*

*unlikely to be winning entry


Just sent mine through also.


Done and emailed.:+1:


Done as well. Nothing like a last minute rush


Woohoo! Just got to 50 legitimate entries and two novelties - JLT and JLT Reverse.

Thanks to @Fairybread for creating an additional entry “JLT” based on JLT results. From that, I reversed all of his tips for a “JLT Reverse” entry. I may also add a “Home Teams” and an “Away Teams” entry to see if there is even a modicum of science to long range tipping. I’m tipping not. If anybody has any other ideas for novelty entries, or can be bothered creating them, feel free to submit! Of course, none of these novelty teams will be eligible to win :wink:

A big thank you to all who have entered so far, and for those who haven’t, you’ve still got 24 hours to enter so get to it!


Hmmm, …:thinking: I’m not actually too unhappy with the look of this.

Seems the getting fairly pizzed and attacking it Kamikaze style for an hour method might have something going for it.

Predicted Ladder Selection Tips
Adelaide Crows 17
GWS Giants 16
Essendon 16
Richmond 15
Melbourne 15
West Coast Eagles 14
Collingwood 14
Port Adelaide 12
Geelong Cats 10
Hawthorn 9
North Melbourne 9
Sydney Swans 8
Western Bulldogs 7
Fremantle 7
Carlton 7
Brisbane Lions 7
Gold Coast Suns 7
St Kilda 6
Draw 2