2019 Lid Off! 20 Premierships and counting


I have Joe when at his best and Francis soon to join that list.

Francis to me can be a Yeo type and do serious damage anywhere on the ground.


Is it 2020 yet?


Possibly… but a few years away for that.


Forgot about Grundy.

■■■■ id have him at Essendon in a heartbeat.

With the new rules favouring rucks could be worth a flutter on for the Charlie.


Settle down mate i was just joking. I didn’t think you were that sensitive. Take everything i say with a heavy dose of sarcasm.

Do you really rate Rance in that that top 5? He a great player but i could probably think of another 15 i’d have in front of him.


He’s the best interceptor in the game by far and can also do jobs as required.

I like players that are destructive and can also set up play and he’s the best at it.







Gloomers in the Lid off thread



It’s a pretty simple concept.
Lid off thread: We’re going to smash ‘em.


This prediction had us 13th last year, up to 6th this year.


Story of our life really.
Improve the losses as favourites and were well on our way!


Their projections are based on past results. OK then.


The bottom pick is Sam Mclure


Post first game Carton vs Richmond our gloomers are clapping???

Lid Ooooooooooooffffffffff

Fk you Lid Inners


Thank fck we don’t play Carlton rd 2 you just know they will get up and beat us


Lid Off thread is no place for you Nino

We’d smash them just like we will to GWS


Nino is quite capable of contradicting himself with his next post, and going full lid off.

Really need a distinct thread for the “It’s On / Its Off /It’s On / It’s Off … “ brigade


It is a roller coaster ride. Maybe @Finding_Nino was at Luna Park with @Lance84 and @JoeTheMo