2019 Lid Off! Amnesia pills available here






NICE koan.


Glad to see we are banking our losses early so we will have a more winning mindset for finals. Let’s rip this year apart people.


I only just noticed the title of this thread:

2019 Lid Off! Essendon Clap Clap Clap

How apt ! :rofl:


The way I see it, get all the injuries and losses out of the way early in the year so we can load up on the wins.


I think perhaps the players like a challenge, só they just dogged the first two games to keep it interesting for the rest of the competition.


Just quietly…


Get in here people …




I must say I’ve definitely changed my opinion after we beat the team on the bottom of the ladder by 18 points.


The farkene essendon bombers!!! Hohohoohoho. What a win!!! We’re back baybayyyyyyyyyy



Mid round but in reality.


1 game won


0 games won

Interesting start to the year


Yep, equal 8th, just out on %


Didn’t know where else to post this but I really like the Anzac Day guernsey this year.

Looks good


Whats with the red armbands?

Droopiest sash ever?


Looks very similar to one used a couple of years ago. Agree that the sash is droopy, needs to be straightened up.


It’s clearly been designed to look straight when fat boy Saad is wearing it.


Man he’s got a long torso…!