2019 Lid Off! Amnesia pills available here


How’s the fence sitting going @samwoods? Keeping a leg in both lid threads I see. :wink:


I acknowledge that I am bi-lid.

I find I have thoughts filled with hopes and fears suitable for both threads.


We all have those thoughts and fears. We just suppress them until the evidence is irrefutable. We’ll beat the Pies by 7 goals. :wink:


Can’t fkn wait for Joey to nail his 4th from 80 out.


No team has won 4 in a row yet this season. If we win on Thursday, we will be 4 and 2 and probably move into the top 6

Collingwood is fancied by some as a top 4 side and with premiership expectations. We beat them and its no longer a case of folk saying we just disposed of easybeats that all played badly. There will not be any excuses, we will justifiably be regarded as a contender.


If we convincingly beat the Pies (current premiership fav) and the Cats (2nd fav), I think the bookies will install us as premiership favourites by end Round 7. That’s nuts but it is that open a year.


Lid orf!


I like it!

However im nervous. Literally every other time we’ve had one of these ‘dork in the road’ type games in the last 5 or so years we’ve gone in the wrong direction.


Yeah I’m nervous too. But I feel that we are ready to turn the corner and start winning these games.

Damn I’m excited. Weather is shaping up for a good day too by the look of it.


l am pumped and reckon we will roll the Pies. In the words of Gough, “It is time.”


It’s always lovely on Anzac Day isn’t it? It rained in the last 5 minutes of the Zaka game and throughout the whole of the Mark McGough game but other than than I can’t recall it raining much


That would probably put us on top of the ladder, give or take percentage


And I didn’t feel a drop!


It’s going to be raining bomber goals


The bombers are farken hot! Ho hoh hoooo


Neither did “garbage bag girl”!!


The 2017 game which we won, rained for 10-15 mins in the first quarter. Very lightly though.


keep this rain talk in the rain thread


Well that had put a downer on things. We’ve had these “statement games” before and have come up well short



You leave Arms Girl alone.