2019 Lid Off! Amnesia pills available here


bring back Jake Carlisle


I, for one, am so excited to be here and a stalwart supporter of the Bombers, at the beginning of one of the greatest and longest dominations of a team sport in global history.


Slightly disappointed we haven’t won the 2019 Premiership yet.


the farken negativity 'round here, … fair dinkum!


I don’t think it would be a good idea to hold a candle to Hepp’s hair.



Talk Langford to me Cal


Cal and Nat make a cute couple




What are the odds that there will be a plague of injuries and the 2019 season turns to sh*t?


Probably much longer than the odds of people being able to absorb any level of disappointment about injuries that occur in a contact sport.


To miss finals…

Personally, I think we should be at about 100/1.


Ask Nino.


I can’t find him


And now into 10:1 and 5th favourite. I am sure it’s because the bookies know how good we are and its not because we have a bunch of delusional gambler fans who skew the odds.


What are the odds on an Essendon vs Melbourne GF and a young backman/midfielder winning the Brownlow?


I think it’s because Mitchell busted his leg? Either way i’ll take it.


Pretty long odds unless you have a time machine turned to the year 2000 and fuel for your flux capacitor.

Is the brownlow medal winner named Shane and does he have a dodgy mate named Shane supplying him juice?


Remember when we were worried about interstate dominance? Take out West Coast and it could be about 1930


I’m not worried about interstate dominance this year. I reckon the finals will be 6-7 Melbourne clubs possibly.