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Every few years we’re talking about how the interstate clubs are either dominating or failing in the competition, as if the ladder doesn’t naturally vary every single year


I can only see three interstate teams making the eight: WCE, Adelaide and Sydney but the latter will probably struggle. WCE and Adelaide should be in comfortably.


GWS must be a chance


How did I forget GWS!?


I was wondering how @Killer_Mike remembered them.


They’re very forgettable.


Interstate teams in the 8:

Lock: West Coast
Possibility: Adelaide, Brisbane
Nope: Sydney, Gold Coast, Freo, Port Adelaide, GWS (you know the old saying: No Shiel = No GWS)


I don’t think they are a lock.

6-9 for mine


A lock for mine if they stay healthy.


McGrath, Parish and Langford. If these three go to next level which I think all three can. Next level including skill level. Essendon then is a legitimate top 4 threat.

The depth of our midfield for me has been the issue and the willingness to run both ways. With those younger players having increased their core fitness there is no real excuses now.

This list is a Premiership possible list if we get things right from a coaching and tactical aspect, new defensively sound game plan and accountability from players to carry them out consistently.


I really think we only need 2 of them to go to the next level to be top 4. If all 3 do, we’re flag favourites


If Langford goes to the next level we threepeat.


The improvement of Langford, McGrath and Parish - we now have fantastic midfield depth.

But also a midfield that will probably be underrated in the beginning too. I think this may be the year that we start tearing teams apart.


We have had false dawns in the past but this is the real deal.

Don’t make plans for the last Saturday in september(or whenever the GF is).


GWS are favourites in Rd 1, easy money. Bombers paying $2.20. Greene wont play, no Mumford, Bombers have won their last two fiirst starts. Mozzie to debut and kick 5. LID OFF.


I was with you until the second last line.

Nevertheless, lid off.


Doctor Johnson doesn’t want us to burn his dictionary at all.




So how do we define Langford, McGrath and Parish going to the next level? Is it a display of a few match winning performances and decent consistent form?
Besides there strengths I’d like to see improvement in Langford’s ability to win more clearances and contested footy. McGrath to increase meters gained. Parish to improve his defensive ability.


I know it’s only JLT, but I don’t think I could be any more excited about it than I currently am.

We are going to seriously smash a lot of teams this year.