2019 Lid Off, even at the MCG


And alphabetically the Eagles are second last.


Identical record so far…


@chris_64 a.k.a champion data guy is posting in the lid off thread!!!

Lock us in for winning the Grand Final!!!


Posting in this thread is worse than being married. The constant criticism of the quality of my lid-offishness is hard to bear. At least you guys are not entitled to 60% of my assets.:grinning:


No, but the club demands your first born.


Go back to the lid on thread

Edit. @cul_de_sac beat me to it


Tried to be conservative and came up with this.

Have Geelong higher than I would have thought originally.


Tried to be conservative… with 18 wins. Love it!

I think Brisbane will be much better, North too. Agree that Geelong are too high.


Yeah, it’s anyones guess this time of the year.

So much can happen throughout the year.

A lots riding on Joe for us in my opinion.

If he’s fit I think we are a realistic chance of top 4.


I’m quite the fan of Sydney finishing ninth with 13 wins after losing two of their last three games.
Well done, that man.


AFL might not be so happy their love child won’t make finals


Stuff them then.


Get lethal!

(BTW his other posts are hilarious)


Their love child? Got dudded by the umps in GF to get the Dogs over the line. The AFL made up some rule on the fly that prevented them from trading when they took away COLA too.


Carlton way too high.


Geelong have the strangest draw, they could lose there first 7-8 games and they don’t play Brisbane and Carlton until the last two rounds.


They will win their fair share of games at home I think.

They are certainly on the slow slide though.

Terrible place for footy club to be in I think. Better off just bottoming out for a season or two and then going again.