2019 Lid Off! Good (after the) Bye Woosha?


/shots fired


Yeah she did. And she nailed it. :tongue:


Why am I suddenly thinking of Mr Mercedes? :thinking:


I think you are pretty amazing as well klawdy


To your defence about Cripps, Robbo had him at no.4 so there goes any remaining shred of credibility to the people talking him up. Myself included.


Your honour, I rest my case!


This ad image is next to you resting your case. Hope yours is also full of cash.


How can anyone answer that lol?
At least give a percentage, or number.
Let’s say - top 20 players. That’s just over one per team.


If we win a flag he’ll be saying there’s 5 on our list alone.


I did give a number. I said there is about 5!

If you think there is 20 so be it.

Each to their own.


Not sure why you take what I say so personally.

It’s just my opinion.

You are already a bitter carnt and you have only been on here a few months. Hate to see you in a year or two!


Matter of opinion, of course. You are probably more accurate than me though - 7 players out of the all players on lists would be about 10%. Easy to overate players, and 10% seems about right. There is, though, the matter of different playing positions.


This is how I see it.

I realise its most likely different to most but I like players that can influence games and they are generally guys that influence attacking plays. And yes defenders can do that also.

After these players its a raffle for mine.

*most likely missed a name or two.

Tier 1 (Game Breakers)





Tier 2 (Can influence a game)

Josh Kelly

Josh Kennedy (WC)






3 West Coke players? You sure you’re not just being heavily influenced by them winning the premiership last year?


I hate WC with a passion. My second worse team.

All three players can influence a game in defensive impact and even more so in attacking sense.


I rate Steele Sidebottom quite highly.

I also remember Jeremy Cameron taking Sydney apart in I think a 2016 final? Has been too injured, but if he has had a strong preseason this year could be very influential.

Toby Greene is probably up there as well.


Even though I hate Hawthorn, and he’s getting older, I think you need to include Burgoyne in that list too.
Saved their bacon, swung momentum too many times to count.

Put it this way, I wish he’d played for Essendon.
I wouldn’t say that about every bloke on your list.


Mine is current best list.

Burgoyne is a gun but I would have had GAJ if it was best careers.


Sidebottom, Greene, Betts a couple of years ago, B Grundy, maybe Robbie Grey, Zorko, I reckon Fantasia without injuries. All can change games. Hard to list really, because for the top 10% you’d want to have consistency in there also.


This thread has been sidetracked. After today’s news re Joey Jo Jo more lid off required. Bombers now paying $2.20 against GWS, beat them last year without Daniher and Hurley, lid off!