2019 Lid Off! Good (after the) Bye Woosha?


Hawks and Pies are only near the top 4 because they played us twice :rage:


Ok then


Bombers just shortened to 11:1 6th favourites for the flag. Not a bad shift on an unfinalised trade of one player. Welcome Dylan.


Thanks, olds.


This thread will die when we get dicked by freo at Etihad on a sunday twilight in round 3


But until then…it’s party time!


Have a review, sack a coach then go unbeaten for the rest of the year.




How easy is waking up knowing we’re top 4 bound!




I’m back baby!


but we don’t have him yet?


We have to do a massive number on Fark Carlton.

Thread will explode.

Of course getting beaten by Fark Carlton will also cause thread to explode.


Club already calling it.
Too much arrogance for mine


There it goes!



Haha, I was just going to post that.


I’m so lid off about next year but I’ll be waiting till 2020 before buying the Grand Final DVD, so I can get the Back to Back pack


I put $35k on us to make the 8*

*blatant lie


So, is this thread distinctly under-utilised because we’re so mentally scarred from 628 consecutive seasons of disappointment, or are most of you just lily-livered pansies too afraid to put your bollocks on show?

Mozzie, Shiel, a returning JD, our form in the second half of this year…