2019 Lid Off! Good (after the) Bye Woosha?


It’s just that it’s awfully obvious. Not cool to run with the crowd.


Well, not this crowd.

Good point though. Lid off is the new lid on.


Our list looks amazing. Until our first loss that is. Then it’s drop every single one of those lazy farkers!


AFL says Guelfi was best of our 2017 draftees. Thanks Captain Obvious.

Pick 49: Jordan Houlahan
It was a development year for Houlahan, who is talented, but the club knew in drafting him he may take a little time to come through. The jumping and leaping half-forward can take a nice grab, and he kicked 14 goals from 17 games in Essendon’s VFL side. He will be hoping to produce more consistency so that he can work his way into the frame for a senior debut in 2019.

Pick 66: Brandon Zerk-Thatcher
The key defender has a few at Essendon excited about his development after a promising first season at the club in 2018. He has proven to be strong defensively and is good at intercepting plays and throwing himself into the fray in the back half.

Pick 76: Matt Guelfi
The success story of Essendon’s draft last year. Guelfi came into the club as a 20-year-old so was physically more prepared to make an impact, and he did. He played 15 games through the midfield and across half-forward and booted five goals. He’s tough, good in the air and averaged 15 disposals.

Matt Guelfi





Rookie selection pick 11: Trent Mynott
The club sees Mynott as an emerging inside midfielder and was pleased with his progress on the rookie list last year. He played 17 games for the Bombers’ VFL side in 2018. - Callum Twomey


Get that lid farkin out of here


I like to watch an Essendon game while I row. Today I chose Round 5, 2009.

Everything against us:

  • ANZAC day
  • Knights coaching
  • Raining
  • that ■■■■ Walls commenting

But noooooo

Zakarakis for the winnnnn.

Get ■■■■■■ Collingwood.

I was so pumped after i watched that replay I’m back to lid off.


You’re on the rowing machine for 2 hours??

Solid effort HG. Respect.


Hell no. Last quarter. 30ish minutes after i rewatched Zaka.

Forgot how good Lovett was. Kudos to the Dyson goal too.


Rowing machine !

Here I was picturing you row across the lake with your phone on a selfie stick watching the footy.


I’m good. But not that good.


Probably deserved more recognition than Zaka’s goal.


How do you balance the TV in the boat?

Edit: should have read further on in the thread…


Google Glass.




Santa looks like Cale Hooker.


dunno seems to have Woohsa’s eyes!


Definitely woosha


Does anyone know when tickets for the afl season go on sale?
Does anyone k ow when MCC members can buy visitor tickets for ANZAC Day?


Watched The Comeback this morning. Pumped. Get the ■■■■ around us.


Be bold. Be brave. Seize the year !
I got my pencil out, and given that there are some good sides out there, its just too lid off to go full “undefeated in 2019” but I am lid off about our chances of winning 3-4 more games in 2019 than we did in 2018

R1: GWS away: GWS slipping out of the window. We generally play well in the first game of the season. WIN
R2 StKilda Marvel St Kilda are just not good enough WIN
R3 Melb. G this will be a 50/50 game I expect a LOSS
R4 Brisbane G we should be way too fast for Brisbane WIN
R5 North MVL I expect North to drop awy this year WIN
R6 Collingwood Anzac Day 50/50 game LOSS, because somehow Collingwood mostly win these
R7 Geelong G I expect Geelong to be weaker this year WIN
R8 Sydney Swans S I expect Sydney to be weaker this year WIN
R9 Freo Optus Pencil in a win. WIN
R10 Richmond G 50/50 game you cant win them all LOSS
R11 Carlton G Really, can we keep on losing games to FC? WIN

R12 At the bye we should be 8 and 3 and in the top 4

R13 Hawthorn MVL 50/50 game WIN
R14 West Coast Optus 50/50 but massive advantage to home side LOSS
R15 GWS MVL 50/50 should win this WIN
R16 Sydney G see round 8 WIN
R17 North See round 5 WIN
R18 Adelaide AO, 50/50 but difficult to win at this ground LOSS
R19 GCS Metricon what can I say? WIN
R20 Port Ad WIN
R21 Bulldogs WIN
R22 FREO Optus. A long season. LOSS
R23 Collingwood 50/50 Cant win them all LOSS

At the end of the season 15 and 7 3rd or 4th on ladder
Richmond were 18 and 4 in 2018. 15-16 wins is gettable.