2019 Lid Off! Good (after the) Bye Woosha?


how far do we slide after 2 or 3 shock losses though? were bound to have a few


I can feel the anticipation of something special about to happen.

Prepare to Start lining up for your Grand Final tickets


In the immortal words of @percebushby - “look again!”


Round 9 is at Marvel.




Mate, this is the lid off thread. Take this loser talk somewhere else


We jump up a few more spots after some even greater shock wins.


Isn’t that the one that could be moved if Melbourne Victory make the GF? They’re going ok this year.


I have hope our new defensive coach will come up with a kick in plan that gets us to kick the ball to one of our players, so the gift 3-4 goals won’t happen this year…


Is is Champion Data approved?


LOL. I don’t even mention them. Other folk keep building the the back links for them.


Lol. I was full on joking. I’ve been watching everyone give you crap for it so I thought it was a good opportunity to have a crack myself.


never seen champion data put out an article like that before.


Its cool Fozdog . The CD joke still gets lots of laughs, its all good fun.


Too many losses in this prediction to be truly lid off.

When your full lid off, the efc doesn’t lose.


surely we are due to smash them


At least by a point or 2?


I can’t see us losing a game this year


we’re currently undefeated


just like 2000